Developers Corner

Building Scalable Machine Learning Models with TensorFlow 2.x

In scalable machine learning, we try to build a system where the components of the system have their own work or task which helps the whole system to lead towards the solution of the problem rapidly

Facebook Outage

What Is Border Gateway Protocol: Reason Behind Facebook’s Outage

For about six hours, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, which command a total of over 3.5 billion monthly core users, were not working.

How to use Support Vector Machines for One-Class Classification?

In most classification problems, the models classify the data into multiple classes. A one-class classification…

Introduction to Probabilistic Neural Networks For Beginners

A probabilistic neural network (PNN) is a sort of feedforward neural network used to handle classification and pattern recognition problems.

A Tutorial on Particle Swarm Optimization in Python

A metaheuristic algorithm suitable for optimizing nonlinear continuous functions.

A Practitioners Guide to All New Features in SciKit-Learn 1.0

One of the most useful popular libraries of the python programming language used for machine…

A Complete Guide to Weak Supervision in Machine Learning

Weak supervision is a part of machine learning where unorganized or imprecise data are used to provide indications to label a large amount of unsupervised data so that data can be used in machine learning

Top Python Libraries to Get Historical Stock Data (With Code)

Stock market analysis has always been a very interesting work not only for investors but also for analytics professionals.

How to Learn From Streaming Data with Creme in Python?

The data which is generated continuously in an incremental manner from different sources can be considered as the streaming data.

A Beginner’s Guide to Extreme Learning Machine

From this post you will learn how to boost the performance of Feed-Forward Neural Network.

Microsoft Issues A Near-Final Build Of Windows 11 to Windows Insiders

This build update brings fixes and marks the rollout of new updates for built-in apps, including Snipping Tool, Calculator and the newly introduced Focus Clock.

Top Data Observability Platforms For Monitoring Data Quality At Scale

“In software engineering, every team has a solution like New Relic, DataDog, or PagerDuty to measure the health of applications and ensure reliability. How come data teams are flying blind?”