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Guide To Template Matching With OpenCV: To Find Objects In Images

In template matching, we find out the location in the source image of the template image. Here we can understand that it is required to have the size of the source image larger than the template image.

How To Do Text To Video Retrieval With S3D MIL- NCE

For videos, annotation is also even more challenging than images; this is due to the ambiguities of choosing the right vocabulary of action and annotating action intervals. This significantly limits the scale at which fully supervised video data can be obtained and, hence, slows down the quest to improve visual representation.Recent work in this field has produced a prominent alternative to obtain this fully supervised approach which is nothing but by leveraging narrated videos.

Streamlit vs PlotlyDash: Comparison With Python Examples

This article will discuss two of the most popular Python frameworks for developing web applications, Streamlit and Plotly Dash. Streamlit and Plotly Dash are an open-source Python library that provide development components to create and share beautiful and easy to use custom and interactive web applications.

8 Best Alternatives To OpenAI Safety Gym

8 Best Alternatives To OpenAI Safety Gym

OpenAI Safety Gym has use cases across the reinforcement learning ecosystem

How Reliable Are Machine Learning Model Diagnostics

Likelihood-based ranking diagnostics have a standard deviation of over 2.5 percentage points in many categories.

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Semi-Supervised Distillation Vs Noisy Student Training

Supervised learning– a method to train predictive models with labelled data– although simple, is highly…

Guide To Pysentimiento Toolkit | Text Classification Using Transformers

Pysentimiento comes to save us from all these hard-working processes. Pysentimiento is the best way to perform text classification and sentiment analysis. The best thing is that it has two features that we can use, we can analyze the text in two languages(English and Spanish) with a single module

How To Do Keyword Recognition Using Simple Convolutional Network

The actual environment of Keyword recognition is quite more complex than this demonstration. This article focuses on knowing the basic idea used behind the keyword recognition for short audio files of one second. As the convolutional networks outperform when it comes to image-based classification tasks, we are leveraging this behaviour of convolutional neural networks to the keyword recognition/classification task.

8 Free Resources To Learn PyTorch In 2021

8 Free Resources To Learn PyTorch In 2021

At the NeurIPS conference in 2019, PyTorch appeared in 166 papers, whereas TensorFlow appeared in 74 papers.


PPNR Modeling – OLS, Co-Integration and ARIMAX

The objective of this article is to evaluate different techniques for time series forecasting. These…

General Overview Of Time Series Data Analysis

In time-series data analysis, we seek the reason behind the changes occurring over time in time series, information points are gathered at adjacent time-spaces, there is a relation between observations, whether they can be proportional or unproportioned.

Guide To Text Classification using TextCNN

Text classification is a process of providing labels to the set of texts or words in one, zero or predefined labels format, and those labels will tell us about the sentiment of the set of words.