Developers Corner

Arm Announces New Architecture After Ten Years: Major Updates & Latest Features

Chip designer Arm recently introduced its latest architecture Armv9, at the Arm Vision Day 2021…

GPT-Neo: The Open-Source Cure For GPT-3 FOMO

GPT-3 was the largest language model when OpenAI released it last year. Now, Google Brain’s…

LoRAS featured

Hands-on Guide to LoRAS: A Better Oversampling Algorithm

Localized Randomized Affine Shadowsampling (LoRAS) locally approximates the manifold by generating a random convex combination of noisy minority class data points.

What is Haystack for Neural Question Answering

Haystack is a python framework for developing End to End question answering systems. It provides a flexible way to use the latest NLP models to solve several QA tasks in real-world settings with huge data collections.

Recipe retrieval

How Amazon’s Image-Recipe Hierarchical Transformer excels in Cross-modal Recipe Retrieval

Amazon introduced a transformer-based cross-modal recipe retrieval method that is straightforward, simple and versatile to train and deploy


What is NeX? Guide to Real-Time View Synthesis with Python Code

NeX is a new scene representation based on MPI that models view-dependent effects by performing basis expansion on the pixel representation.

ClassSR feature image

What is ClassSR And How It Helps In Super-Resolution Networks?

ClassSR efficiently utilizes the available computational resources to decompose original image, super-resolve and restore it in SR networks.

Red Hat OpenShift Can Now Be Accessed Through AWS. What Does It Mean?

The Red Hat OpenShift Service (ROSA) is now generally available. ROSA will now be available…

Explained: IBM’s New Hybrid Cloud Security Services

Today, organisations use a mix of cloud and on-premise resources to achieve agility, security, and…


Guide to Open3D: An Open Source Modern Library For 3D Data Processing

Open3D is an open-source library designed for processing 3D data. It was introduced by Qian-Yi…