Category: Edge of Innovation

Edge of Innovation
Tasmia Ansari

AI Meets Art At Cypher 2023

Understanding the relationship between AI and art is a focal point of the 7th edition of Cypher

Google Will Make Pixel 8 in India
Edge of Innovation
Pranav Kashyap

Google Flexes Edge AI through Pixel 8

Google Pixel 8 packs some impressive new features like a temperature sensor, an upgraded 48 MP camera and, the most innovative, the ‘On-device’ generative AI’

Edge of Innovation
K L Krithika

What Can Java Do for Machine Learning?

Java has flexible capabilities, vast libraries, and with endorsements from major tech companies the language is gaining traction in Machine learning.

Edge of Innovation
Vandana Nair

ChatGPT’s Game-Changing ‘Vision’

With OpenAI finally integrating image features, GPT-4V(ision) opens doors for use cases that span across domains – putting ChatGPT ahead in the multimodal race

Edge of Innovation
Mohit Pandey

Intel Goes All in on AI

Pat Gelsinger said, there are three types of chip manufacturers, “you’re big, you’re niche or you’re dead”

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