Python mistakes

7 Mistakes Every Python Coder Should Avoid

Python is one of the top programming languages choices for beginners. It is easy to learn, use and can be used for high-level programming.

Data visualisation courses

Free Data Visualisation Courses For Data Scientists

A fundamental tool of modern data science, data visualisation is used to identify trends and patterns and for data cleaning, among others.

Python data structures

Python Data Structures That Every Beginner Should Know About

– List
– Queues
– Stack
– Linked Lists
– Circular Linked List
– Trees
– Graphs
– Hash Maps

JAX Libraries

Top 8 JAX Libraries for Data Scientists in 2021

– FedJAX
– Sklearn-jax-kernels

R courses for beginners, R programming language

7 Courses To Learn R Programming For Beginners

R programming language is extremely popular with data scientists. It ranked 14th in the TIOBE Programming Community Index for June 2021.

Python, Python courses

8 Free Python Courses For Data Scientists In 2021

According to the TIOBE Index for July 2021, Python is the third most popular programming…

Best Data Science Courses in India: Top Picks By AIM

In India, an unprecedented number of working professionals and aspiring students have turned to upskilling…

DBA Data Science

DBA In Data Science – India’s Only Applied Research Program For Technology And Business Leaders

The DBA is a rigorous and intense 3-year doctoral program resulting in two publications and a patentable product opportunity.

All The Free ML/AI Courses Launched At Google I/O

At Google I/O, the global tech giant announced a bunch of free courses to help…


7 Free Resources To Learn Explainable AI

Explainable AI (XAI) is key to establishing trust among users and fighting the black-box nature…

A Vision for HighEd: 8 Tech Trends Shifting the Paradigm

As has happened with almost all areas of our life, technology came to change forever,…

How A Master’s Degree Can Help You Land A Lucrative Career In Data Science

“Understand your area of interest, hone your computer science skills and add data science skills to that.”