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Endless Origins
Anshika Mathews

Council Post: Future of Careers in AI (after the revolution of Generative AI)

The way many people work could be fundamentally changed by generative AI. Some people might be excited by this concept. What this entails for others may be a concern. In industries where automation is possible, there is no doubt that this technology has the potential to greatly boost productivity and save costs.

Endless Origins
Vandana Nair

ViperGPT vs GPT-4

ViperGPT uses Python code to interpret and solve image queries.

Endless Origins
Ashwin Swarup

Council Post: The Rise of Generative AI and Living Content

In this era of content, the use of technology, such as AI and data analytics, is becoming increasingly important as it can help content creators personalise their content, improve its quality, and reach their target audience with greater efficacy. AI writing has arrived and is here to stay. Once we overcome the initial need to cling to our conventional methods, we can begin to be more receptive to the tremendous opportunities that these technologies present.

Endless Origins
Mohit Pandey

Stop Questioning OpenAI’s Open-Source Policy

Since OpenAI is in the spotlight, the AI community is circling around it, questioning its motives and decisions behind keeping GPT-4 such a secretive model.

Endless Origins
Tasmia Ansari

Big Techs Flip-Flop on Open Source

Over the years, the tech giants have realised the potential of open source and built on it but not all of them have contributed enough in return.