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Mohit Pandey

Google Brain Needs DeepMind

The Google-DeepMind partnership would be a befitting reply to Microsoft-OpenAI alliance

Endless Origins
Shyam Nandan Upadhyay

Cerebras Wants What NVIDIA Has

While OpenAI apparently utilised 10,000 NVIDIA GPUs to train ChatGPT, Cerebras claims to have trained their models to the highest accuracy for a given compute budget.

Endless Origins
Vandana Nair

Google and Replit’s Quest to Become the Next Copilot X

With the Google partnership, Replit believes that they will now get access to newer models as they are released which will ultimately reach the developers and help with the goal of “accelerating tech into everyone’s hands”

Endless Origins
Amit Kapur

Council Post: Retail Business through Generative AI

Today, retail technology is developing at a fast pace – whether it is business transformation or even exploring emerging tech (AR/VR and metaverse etc.) to give customers a more experiential journey. Businesses are innovating not only to remain relevant, but also, ahead. Some are really shaping the future of omni-channel retail by predicting customer expectations and market trends. 

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Pritam Bordoloi

Does OpenAI Want to Make Robots Again?

OpenAI, the startup that captured the world’s attention with ChatGPT, is once again setting its sights on developing robots. The San Francisco-based startup recently invested

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Satish Grampurohit

Council Post: Data-centric AI in Intelligent Document Automation

Data-centric AI is an emerging approach that places data at the forefront of AI development. Rather than focusing only on developing sophisticated models or endlessly refining such models, data-centric AI emphasises the importance of quality data in training the models effectively. This approach can be particularly useful in the field of unstructured document processing, where ensuring the quality of training data could be a huge challenge.