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Pritam Bordoloi

Stability AI’s Unstable Behaviour

The startup might have withheld key information to its investors, including the fact that they did not own the IP rights to Stable Diffusion

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Zinnia Banerjee

AIM Research: Navigating the Cloud Frontier

Cloud services are being considered as a digital transformation engine that ensures optimal working capacity and business continuity. Enterprises across sectors, sizes and regions earnestly deliberating on adopting cloud or redesigning.

Product Partnerships Of Data Service Providers
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Abhijeet Adhikari

AIM Research: Product Partnerships Of Data Service Providers

A significantly high percentage of partnerships with companies like AWS, Microsoft, and Google shows their wide-ranging technology facilities, like cloud storage, database, reporting and visualization, data and analytics, computing, etc.

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Siddharth Raghuvanshi

The Work Models Being Embraced by Tech Companies

With the ongoing debate around work-life balance and productivity, the majority of tech companies across different regions are shifting towards a hybrid work model that supports and enables employees to be productive anywhere.