Inside Praneet Dutta’s ML Journey From Vellore To Google DeepMind

As a wide-eyed freshman, I was unsure if I wanted to pursue an engineering job post-graduation, let alone following a path in AI research.

Ethical AI advocates, Ethical AI

These Leading Activists Are Promoting Ethical AI

The global AI governance market is expected to reach $1,016 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 65.5 per cent between 2020 and 2026.

Businesses Will Flock Towards Customised Tools And Solutions: Radhika Krishnan, Hitachi Vantara

We supported the Government of Andhra Pradesh State in revolutionising its operations to create a safer, more efficient and sustainable society. Now, 30 departments are synced with the Real-time Governance (RTG) centre.

In Conversation With AI Scientist Dr Ganapathi Pulipaka On Gallium Nitride Processors For Future Space Exploration

In Conversation With AI Scientist Dr Ganapathi Pulipaka On Gallium Nitride Processors For Future Space Exploration

AIM interviews Dr Ganapathi Pulipaka on gallium nitride processors for future space exploration, deep quest of AI, deep learning algorithms, reinforcement learning and high-performance computing.

Interview With Nitin Aggarwal, Technical PM At Google Cloud AI

I’m a senior Technical Program Manager(PM) with the Cloud AI services team. I lead teams to build products/solutions for our customers.

Interview With Mohit Pant, Senior Director, PayPal

“Analytics wasn’t a very common term when I started, and it was tough to explain to people what I do for a living. That has changed, with analytics now becoming a coveted job.”

CSS Corp

‘AI Cannot Entirely Replace 1-On-1 Human Interaction In Customer Service Industry’: Dr Kiran Marri, Chief Scientist At CSS Corp

Dr Kiran Marri is the Chief Scientist and Vice President of Digital Engineering at CSS Corp. He develops innovative solutions and creates sustainable business models for growth.

Hospitality Unicorn OYO Has Room For AI To Lead Tech Race

The mission is to make OYO a leading technology company of choice by building products from India for the world.

Jaswinder Chadha

Don’t Chase Trends In AI, Create Strong Knowledge Foundation Instead: Jaswinder Chadha, Axtria

Jaswinder Chadha recently endowed a Chair in data analytics at his alma mater IIT Delhi

Interview With Sriram Srinivasan, Technical Lead At Google

Sriram Srinivasan who is currently working as a Technical Lead at Google. He primarily works on Optimizing Rewards on Google Pay.

The Machine Learning Journey Of Aishwarya Srinivasan

I have never restricted myself to a specific domain or kind of modelling technique. I have always liked to explore new domains and learn new algorithms.

How IIT Guwahati Leads Cutting-Edge Research In AI & Data Science

IITG has taken a proactive role in developing a high skill curriculum, emphasising computational and algorithmic background building and blending it with multidisciplinary flavour.