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Limitless Creativity
Vandana Nair

Who Needs Teachers When You have AI?

With AI applications that teach all subjects including coding and computation, how relevant will teachers be in the future?

Limitless Creativity
Analytics India Magazine

Women in Data Science Bangalore @ Intuit

Born at Stanford University, Women in Data Science started as a single-day tech conference in 2015 and has now grown into a transformative force in the field of data science.

Limitless Creativity
Pritam Bordoloi

ChatGPT Reattempts UPSC

Interestingly, OpenAI claimed that GPT-4 outperforms GPT-3.5 ( ChatGPT) on most exams tested

Limitless Creativity
Lokesh Choudhary

‘Westworld’ is Now a Reality in Metaverse

The sandbox engine uses generative agents to populate the environment with twenty-five interactive agents who can be communicated with using natural language