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Mapping the Zeitgeist
Vandana Nair

ChatGPT Enters Indian Politics

ChatGPT is being used to plan schedules, market plans and draft politician’s speeches. But the negatives outweigh the positives by a huge margin. Read on

Mapping the Zeitgeist
Tasmia Ansari

Balenciaga Goes Gaga Over AI

Even with powerful tools like Midjourney, the creator believes that AI still can’t generate “a good aesthetic judgement” on its own.

Hyderabad facial recognition
Mapping the Zeitgeist
Anirudh VK

AI Won’t Go Rogue, And Here’s Why

To create a truly artificial intelligence, humanity needs to reach a consensus on what intelligence and sentience actually mean

Mapping the Zeitgeist
Pritam Bordoloi

Clash of the Titans: GPT-4 Sparks AI Civil War

The AI community is divided over the open letter urging a pause on further training of AI models while researchers fight over saving vs killing the technology

Mapping the Zeitgeist
Mohit Pandey

OpenAI Publishes Yet Another Lame Paper

Published in collaboration with OpenResearch and the University of Pennsylvania, the paper tries to qualify GPT technology as a general-purpose technology