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Siddharth Jindal

10 Must-Try AI Models for a Filmmaker 

Apart from its potential to revolutionise the entertainment sector, AI serves as a formidable tool for experimentation and is far from posing threat to the art itself

Mystery Vault
Tasmia Ansari

8 Outstanding Papers Presented at ACL 2023

The 61st chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics brought together researchers and practitioners from the field of computational linguistics

Mystery Vault
K L Krithika

6 Popular Non-English Programming Languages

Non-English programming languages though far and few in between, cater to diverse communities by offering coding capabilities in their native language

Mystery Vault
Shritama Saha

Top 9 Papers Presented by Google at ACL

The event covered topics such as computational social science, cultural analytics, dialogue, interactive systems, discourse and pragmatics