Toyota Research Institute Showcases Its ML Advances, Publishes Six Papers At ICCV 2021

The research advances understanding across various tasks crucial for robotic perception, including semantic segmentation, 3D object detection, and multi-object tracking.

IBM Unveils AI-Based Solution For Companies To Respond To Climate Risks

The offering is the first to bring together artificial intelligence, weather data, climate risk analytics, and carbon accounting capabilities on a single platform.

Accenture to Acquire Bangalore Based Boutique Analytics Firm BRIDGEi2i

The acquisition will add more than 800 analytics professionals to Accenture’s Applied Intelligence Practice.

Python data structures

Python Beats Java and Javascript To Be Ranked As The Hottest Programming Language

Tiobe tracked the popularity of programming languages ​​over the past two decades.

Bharti’s OneWeb Joins Hands With ISRO To Launch Satellites In India

OneWeb recently announced that it will be the first private player to launch satellites from Indian soil through ISRO facilities.  

TCS Plans To Hire 35,000 Freshers in H2 Of FY22

TCS says that it looks forward to meeting the growing demand for executing further projects it is winning from its global clients.

Microsoft acquires OKR startup

Microsoft says that the customers will find the experience flexible, easy to use with quick time-to-value.

Google AI Introduces FLAN, A Language Model with Instruction Fine-Tuning

Google AI hopes that the method presented will help inspire more research into models that can perform unseen tasks and learn from very little data.

Robotic Startup Ishitva Raises Over $1 Million In Pre-Series A Round

Ishitva uses AI, ML, IoT, Industry 4.0 to build efficient solutions which help in sorting complex waste.

Google AI Digitally Reconstructs Gustav Klimt’s Lost Paintings

Google digitally recreated three of Klimt’s lost works from 1899, using artificial intelligence technology to colorise black-and-white photography of the works.

Google Aims To Train 40 Million New People With Cloud Skills

Google says that the Cloud Skills Boost will enable learning and professional development at an unprecedented scale. 

Byju’s Launches Innovation Hub, Will Hire AI, ML Specialists In The US, UK, India

After a fresh round of funding of about Rs 2,200 crore, this innovation hub plans to hire Machine Learning (ML) and AI professionals and build cutting-edge technologies for its products