Airbus Releases the World’s Most Current Satellite Image DataSet, For Data Scientists To Work On

One Atlas, a new satellite image basemap, covers the whole Earth’s landmasses using professional grade images.

Salesforce Unveils Merlion, An Open-Source Library For Time Series Analysis

A unified interface for a variety of commonly used models and datasets for anomaly detection and forecasting on both univariate and multivariate time series, as well as typical pre/post-processing layers.

Nutanix Announces Updates To Its Cloud Platform

Nutanix announced the availability of AOS version 6, Nutanix Era, and other new tools to assist clients in managing data and expanding their software-defined data centres.

Healthcare AI Startup Endimension Raises Rs 2.3 cr In Seed Round

The funds raised will be used to hire talent for new product development, R&D, and sales force expansion.

Morningstar Launches “Notebook” Offering Access To Analytics and DataSets

Five individual Notebooks are currently available to users of Morningstar Direct today, and three additional datasets will be released via Notebooks by the end of 2021.

Sray Agarwal and Shashin Mishra Release New Book Focusing on “Responsible AI”

The book provides a hands-on approach to understand practical implementations of the concepts in AI easily.

Trend Micro Launches Cloud One Data Center In India

Trend Micro takes the lead by becoming one of the first security vendors to have the broadest set of services around cloud security, delivered out of India.

Salesforce Open Sources CodeT5: An ML Model That Generates Code

CodeT5 is built on a similar architecture to Google’s T5 (Text-to-Text Transfer Transformer) framework but comes with a better code understanding.

Data Integration Platform Fivetran Raises $565 Million in Funding, Acquires HVR

The combined capabilities of Fivetran and HVR will enable modern analytics for the world’s most business-critical data without compromising security, performance or ease of use. 

Boston Dynamics Releases Spot 3.0, Look For All The New Features Here

Boston Dynamics, has released the latest update for its quadruped robot – Spot. The new update named “Spot Release 3.0” gives it better capabilities to inspect and improve data collection. 

Oxford & Oracle Cloud System Collaborates To Identify Covid-19 Variants Faster

Built using Oxford’s Scalable Pathogen Pipeline Platform (SP3), Oracle APEX, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the Global Pathogen Analysis System is a cloud platform.

AI Edge Hardware Startup Deep Vision Raises $35 M In Series B

The funding proceeds will help Deep Vision expand the capabilities of its AI processor and software tools and support its rapidly growing customer base.