Top 8 Indian Startups Working On Metaverse

Top 8 Indian Startups Working On Metaverse

As smartphones are set to touch one billion Indians in the next five years, we hope India will become a land of not only gamers, but also creators, building an ‘atmanirbhar’ metaverse.

Cranberry Analytics

Tech Behind Water Resource Management Startup Cranberry Analytics

Founded in 2010, Cranberry Analytics leverages ML and IoT to help governments and companies manage water better.

How This AI Startup Helped MyGov Answer Queries During COVID-19 Pandemic

Conversational AI startup has trained its NLP engine using over 12 billion engagements with over 600 million people from across the globe.

Tech Behind Construction Analytics Company Doxel

Doxel has raised millions of dollars in venture capital from investors such as Andreessen Horowitz and has customers like Kaiser Permanente and Royal Dutch Shell.

How Dream Sports Uses Artificial Intelligence

Our fan engagement product FanCode uses AI and ML backend framework to provide a personalised user experience to sports fans.

Kissht, fintech startup

How This Fintech Startup Uses ML To Disburse Loans And Detect Fraud

Kissht uses machine learning-based statistical models to predict customers’ ability to repay loans and detect frauds.

Alea Consulting

Security Leaders In India Need To Create A Robust Cybersecurity Ecosystem: Deepak Bhawnani, Alea Consulting

Over the last 18 years, Alea has maintained a strong brand reputation for providing reliable and accurate insights.

netcore cloud

Netcore Cloud CTO Bijal Sangavi Explains Its Tech Stack

Martech company Netcore Cloud has a presence across 19 countries, and it helps more than 5000 brands to enhance their customer experience.


How The Bengaluru Based Healthcare Startup HealthPlix Is Leveraging AI and ML

Sandeep Gudibanda, Co-founder at HealthPlix, explains the technology behind its assistive artificial intelligence-powered EMR software.

Meet The Delhi Based Startup Behind Supreme Court’s AI Portal

ManCorp started as a deep-tech think tank and evolved into an R&D lab.

Tech Behind Hyderabad Based Neobank ZikZuk

ZikZuk considers Open, Niyo and Instant Pay as competitors.

Telebu, UCaaS, startup

How This Hyderabad-based Startup Is Leveraging AI And ML To Smoothen Customer Experience

Telebu has built AI platform Telebu 360 to streamline communications through audio and video conferencing, chatbots, cloud office, and APIs.