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CBSE & Intel Set Guinness World Records For Delivering Virtual Lesson On AI To 13K Students in 24 Hours

CBSE & Intel Set Guinness World Records For Delivering Virtual Lesson On AI To 13K Students in 24 Hours

CBSE & Intel Set Guinness World Record For Delivering Virtual Lesson On AI To 13K Students in 24 Hours

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Intel India has created a Guinness World Records title on October 14th, 2020 for taking an online class on artificial intelligence for a maximum number of attendees in 24 hours.

The joint record was set by CBSE along with Intel after delivering a virtual lesson on “demystifying the impact of AI” for 13,000 students from class 8 and above. The virtual class was part of the ongoing “AI For Youth Virtual Symposium” which was organised by both the institution — Intel and CBSE.

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When asked about this achievement, Biswajit Saha the director of training and skill education at CBSE, stated to the media that AI continues to be one of the most critical technologies of the future, which has immense potential to advance India’s digitalisation journey. He believes that it is crucial now than ever to cultivate AI-readiness in the country by empowering students with the right skillset and mindset as early in their learning journey as possible. 

He further congratulated both the institution, CBSE and Intel, on their commitment to promoting the right artificial intelligence-related skills and mindset among school students and setting a world record along the way.

According to the official release, the AI For Youth Virtual Symposium is scheduled from October 13-17, which is witnessing participation from students, principals and teachers from across the country. In the symposium, attendees are allowed to access sessions by national and international speakers and learn various perspectives on the transformational power of this emerging technology — AI. 

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The sessions will also cover digital building readiness and democratising emerging technologies. Attendees will also be able to interact with presenters, join in the experiential zone and attend live webinars.

When asked Intel, Shweta Khurana, the director of global partnerships and initiatives stated that the partnership with the CBSE has led to several milestones in expediting AI-readiness in the country. These milestones include incorporating AI in school curriculum, setting up focused AI Skills Labs in the country and skilling facilitators across CBSE schools. 

She stated to the media that the enthusiastic response to the virtual AI lesson from students across the country has helped in creating a record which showcases how India’s youth is engaged and eager to explore and innovate.

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