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Webinar: What is Chartered Data Scientist Designation

Webinar: What is Chartered Data Scientist Designation

Dr. Vaibhav Kumar
CDS webinar

Making a career in the field of data science and machine learning is still uncertain for many people. The biggest reason is that this field has not been completely explored yet. Many of the industry segments are still looking at various avenues where they can employ data science to grow their businesses. Another reason is that the aspirants who wish to switch their career in this field do not have a complete understanding of what the required skill sets are. Even if a candidate makes a career in data science, often they pose challenges such as gaining the trust of the employer and prove his/her potential by performing the assigned tasks. 

To showcase the required knowledge and skill sets, data science professionals often resort to a variety of professional certifications designed for a specific target group. One such popular program offered by the Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci) is the Chartered Data ScientistTM

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Chartered Data ScientistTM (CDSTM) is a prestigious distinction in the field of Data Science that is awarded by the Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci). The CDSTM charter which is awarded to professionals in the field data science gives a unique value to its holder. In the data science marketplace where recruiters are struggling to find a potential candidate in the field of data science and machine learning, this distinction helps its holder stand out from the crowd. 

In this webinar, the Chartered Data ScientistTM program of ADaSci will be discussed in detail. The following points will be covered during this webinar:-

  • Career in the field of Data Science
  • Current situation and future scope in Data Science
  • Various certification programs in Data Science
  • Chartered Data ScientistTM Program
  • The uniqueness of Chartered Data ScientistTM distinction
  • Benefits of Chartered Data ScientistTM
  • How to become a Chartered Data Scientist
  • Chartered Data ScientistTM Exam Information
  • How to prepare for Chartered Data ScientistTM
  • Study resources to prepare for Chartered Data ScientistTM
  • How this Charter is awarded
  • Ethical Standards for Chartered Data Scientists
  • Career ahead
  • Questions and Answers

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Session Details

Date: 1st August 2020

Time: 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM IST

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Dr. Vaibhav Kumar

Dr. Vaibhav Kumar has broad experience in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning, including research and development. He holds a PhD degree in which he has worked in the area of Deep Learning for Stock Market Prediction. He has published/presented more than 15 research papers in international journals and conferences. He has an interest in writing articles related to data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

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