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Check Out These 5 Indian Institutes Offering A PhD In Data Science

Check Out These 5 Indian Institutes Offering A PhD In Data Science

Data Science has become popular in India. Many people are shifting their careers from different fields to data science and AI. A PhD in data science is very demanding and is considered extremely prestigious. India is realising its importance in industries and now has several institutes offering a PhD in data science. Here are some institutes that currently have their applications open for a PhD in India.

1.Indian Statistical Institute (ISI):

The PhD program at ISI provides the students with an exceptional academic environment through a variety of educational and research opportunities. The internationally recognized faculty members actively work in several exciting research areas. PhD students are expected to publish papers in conferences and journals of international repute and are encouraged to collaborate with researchers all over the world, travel to conferences and training programs, and have internships with leading government and industry research labs. ISI has a unique opportunity for outstanding students to apply to the PhD program directly after the completion of their Bachelor’s degree. It also offers a unique flexibility in accepting students without the need for an undergraduate/postgraduate degree in computer science.

The online application has been started on 5th of February and the deadline is on 12th of March. They have their own admission test which will be on 12th of May. You can find the exam and admission details here.

2.IIT Gandhinagar:

IIT Gandhinagar, under its computer science engineering department is offering specialisation in data science PhD. Specialisations are open in the area of Data science, machine learning, NLP, game theory, data mining. Admission is offered on the basis of an interview, which is supplemented by a written test if necessary. The Institute invites a limited number of candidates for a written test and interview based on the academic records, statement of purpose. The final selection will be mainly based on academic credentials, written test and/or interview.

Application Deadline for a PhD at IIT-Gandhinagar this year is 12th February. Written Tests and/or Interviews will be held sometime around 15-17th March. Here are the details.

3.IISc Bangalore:

IISc has a department dedicated to data sciences called the Department of Computational and Data Sciences (CDS) that offers research-based degree programs. The research programs are M.Tech. (Research) and Ph.D. The Ph.D program at CDS is the flagship program of the department, and it is these doctoral programmes that have helped IISc secure the rank as top university and top academic institution in India. The Ph.D. students contribute the most to the success of the Institute.

PhD admission involves a written test followed by and interview of the shortlisted candidates. The applications start in October every year. Here are the details.

4.IIT Delhi:

IIT Delhi has a research group called Data Analytics and Intelligence Research (DAIR), under the department of Computer Science Engineering, which deals with data. It is focused on combining and integrating various fields of data sciences such as machine learning, data management, and data mining towards the goal of building intelligent software systems. They are involved in NLP, statistical relational learning, social network analytics and crowdsourcing. They have various data science and ML specialisations like Algorithms and Complexity Theory, AI and ML, Databases and Data Analytics, Architecture and Embedded Systems, Graphic and Vision, and many others.

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Here are the details.

5.BITS Pilani:

BITS Pilani Goa campus provides a PhD course with a specialised subject as data science. They select candidates based on a test followed by an interview. They also have a part-time PhD program for people working in reputed research organisations, academic institutes and industries, situated close to the vicinity of one of the campuses of BITS Pilani.

The registrations generally start in the month of December every year. You can find the details here.

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