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China Introduces The World’s First Virtual News Anchor To The Audiences

China Introduces The World’s First Virtual News Anchor To The Audiences

Image source: New China TV/YouTube

China’s press agency Xinhua becomes the first one to reveal the world’s first AI news anchor, in collaboration with a Beijing-based search engine company called Sogou, in the fifth World Internet Conference held in China on Wednesday.

The AI anchor looks like a male human and has the voice that sounds like a professional male news anchor. It can read the news in two languages: English and Mandarin, and is available across Xinhua’s internet and mobile platforms which includes apps as well as online TV webpages. One of the remarkable things is that it can replicate lip moments and facial expressions just like humans, giving the viewers a more realistic feel of the news report. Xinhua said that this new AI reporter has also become a member of their reporting team.


This new AI will help in the industry in the following major ways:

Speed: Since it is a machine, and an advanced one, it is able to produce breaking news at a pace faster than humans can.

Cost-efficient: The AI has the ability to work 24 hours with the same competence, thereby reducing the cost of daily TV news report.

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The Tech Behind

The AI reporter learns by combining images and voices of real-life anchors from the live broadcasting videos. It uses synthesised voices, created through the use of composite audio recorded from actual anchors, to read the news.

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