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Cloud Analytics Firm Manthan To Acquire US-Based RichRelevance

Cloud Analytics Firm Manthan To Acquire US-Based RichRelevance

Manthan, a noted AI-powered cloud analytics software company, announced that they are expanding a suite of Algorithmic Customer Experience solutions through a strategic alliance with RichRelevance, a personalization software provider. Manthan and RichRelevance have initiated a joint go-to-market now, and have set the path towards consolidating their category-leading businesses in the coming year, in compliance with applicable regulations.

RichRelevance and Manthan together will deliver an end-to-end Algorithmic Customer Experience marketing solution that includes the category-leading B2C Customer Data Platform, Retail Marketing and Merchandising solution, and Real-time Personalization with advanced data science.


This comprehensive solution will enable retailers and brands to algorithmically discover new segments and target their most profitable customers, automatically test for and seamlessly deliver the most relevant content and offers across all touchpoints, and manage and deploy data science models and do so at scale leveraging AI, with low or no involvement of IT.

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Atul Jalan, CEO of Manthan Software said in a statement, “We see Manthan and RichRelevance as truly complementary to deliver a new class of industry-critical solutions to consumer retail companies such as Brands, Retailers, Marketplaces, QSRs, Publishers, and Financial Services.  You now have a partnership that is deeply vested in your success and brings a joint solution and expertise to the market to help you grow digital revenues through personalization.”

“This partnership reflects the market need for consumer retailers of all types to become algorithmic enterprises,” said Bill Pearce, Chairman, RichRelevance, “As a leader in AI-driven cloud analytics, we see Manthan Software as absolutely strategic in expanding our joint value to create a digital experience marketing platform for our customers.”

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