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Cognitive Automation to Transform the Marketing Dimensions

Cognitive Automation to Transform the Marketing Dimensions

It all started when Ford automated its manufacturing process and since then all the manufacturing companies across the globe started automating their operations. The idea behind this concept was to reduce the time consumed and eliminate the effort put in performing the repetitive tasks. But with the dawn of AI and robotics the possibility of improving the quality of such tasks has emerged.

Can we expect automation to be used in marketing?

Well, if the latest blogs and articles are anything to be believed, cognitive-infused marketing is the latest frontier in marketing. What cognitive automation and computing put on table?

Marketing is considered to be a highly sensitive domain where you need to push creative strategies formulated on the basis of innovative ideas to create every single campaign. Cognitive automation is going to streamline all the marketing channels which will help you formulate effective marketing strategies.

Needless to say that Data Science is the major driving force off-screen which is going to bring effective strategies.

Leveraging the Power of Data Science

Definitely you are going to need Data Science to augment almost all the marketing activities. Ranging from collecting data from different channels to strategize the moves, Data Science is imperative for an efficient marketing campaign.


Not only targeting the appropriate customer segment will be possible but distributing the campaigns for each marketing channel will be easier through cognitive automation.

The recent advancements in analytics like sentiment analysis, facial expression analysis, etc., are going to bring revolutionary transformations in the field of marketing.

Giving the Output in Fraction of Seconds

You must be spending days to come up with one plan after so much of brainstorming. Imagine if a technology performs the same activity in fraction of seconds? Interesting right? With IBM Watson’s cognitive capabilities to understand and make decisions, it can definitely be a boon for the marketing team.

Pulling data for various mediums, analyzing the customer response, and predicting the future market trends will the matter of few minutes. Analyzing competitors, formulating customized marketing plan as per the customer response and executing it differently through different medium will be easier with quick productive outcomes.

Is RPA a part of automation?

RPA stands for Robotics Process Automation, which is an emerging concept in the field of AI. Coming to the question, Yes! RPA can be a part of all Cognitive Marketing Automation. With AI gaining more traction from scientists and developers all around the world for various purposes, we can surely expect robots to get aligned with the human though process and perform the tasks with minimum possible resources.

Since the time the news of IBM Watson contributing in US Open Championship had aired, the scope of applying robotics in various areas has widened. It not only proves that cognitive systems have learning abilities but also are equipped with analytical skills too.

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Software Bots and Task Automation: Two Big Enablers

Some of the technologies like Software Bots and Task Automation are going to work as enablers for cognitive marketing automation. While Software bots will be performing pre-programmed task that are to be done repeatedly, Task Automation may help you perform those tasks where you need customization and strategy.

Not only this, but testing the effectiveness of the campaign will also be dealt with automation.

Are All these Changes Worth Implementing? A Reality Check!

Dreaming about probable future like some sci-fi movie is very entertaining, but when it comes to implementing it in reality, some of the things may happen and some of the things may not. The biggest fear of deploying an AI-based system is cutting-off the real employees behind this effort. Though Human Resource is one of the biggest expenditure spent by an organization, but getting an automated system on the cost of employees can pose a severe threat on the employment opportunities.

Secondly, going through all the data and brainstorming to come out with unique ideas each time is definitely possible but will take time. Robotics has definitely come a long way since their inception, but till yet the cognitive systems have not that much of knowledge to work without human intervention.

No doubt soon all that possibilities will turn into reality but the degree of ‘how soon’ is yet unpredictable.

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