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10 Companies Hiring IoT Professionals In India And Roles They Offer

10 Companies Hiring IoT Professionals In India And Roles They Offer

Companies Hiring IoT Professionals In India and roles they offer

India is unprecedentedly becoming one of the largest hubs for IoT across the globe. Companies are viewing IoT as a key enabler in various fields and are openly integrating it to existing infrastructure. As the adoption of IoT has increased, a majority of leading organisations are vouching for it and the size of country’s IoT market is expected to increase quite exponentially.

Whether it’s the launch of new Internet of Things management services aiming to provide a way for companies to manage IoT devices or the self-driving technology, Google is clearly leading the pack when it comes to IoT. Some roles that the company is recruiting for are Technical Solutions Consultant, Technical Solutions Engineer, UX Engineer.

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With connected cars, the likes of Tesla and Uber too are driving the Internet of Things revolution. Delivering the power of IoT to vehicles, these companies have opened up opportunities in the IoT domain with much lucrative pay.  

Notable companies that are involving extensively in IoT are PwC, Larsen and Toubro Limited, Accenture, Tata Group of Companies among others.

The concept of IoT has given rise to a new era of economic growth and companies are looking at it to transform their businesses by enabling an intersection of internet, data and intelligent machines.

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IoT India Magazine along with Jigsaw Academy listed down 10 companies hiring the most in IoT. This compilation is originally a part of study titled IoT India Salary Study 2017.

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  1. Cisco–  IoT Solutions Architect, Customer Support Engineer- IoT cloud, Software Engineers in IoT connectivity team and IoT Software Platform are some of the positions that Cisco is currently offering to professionals in IoT field.
  2. Amazon– IoT Systems Architect, IoT Solutions Architect, Software Development Engineer- IoT, Backend Web Developer in IoT are few positions at Amazon in the field of IoT.
  3. Wipro– Internet of Things – Component Developer, Predix IoT, Google IoT are few of the areas that hire IoT professionals at Wipro.
  4.  L&T– Solutions Architect- IoT and M2M, IoT Engineer, positions in smart manufacturing services and others are some of the openings in IoT at L&T.
  5. SAP– IoT Architect, IoT Manager, Application Engineer- IoT platform, IoT Expert, Technology consultant for IoT, are few of the openings in IoT at SAP.
  6. Bosch– Bosch hires professionals for various positions such as for Bosch IoT platform, IoT suite an other profiles related to development of sophisticated IoT applications.  
  7. Qualcomm– Web Apps Development Engineer- IoT and IoT Engineers are positions high in demand at Qualcomm.
  8. IBM– Application Architect, Business Sales and Delivery Executive, Cloud Architect, Watson IoT Portfolio Marketing Manager are some of the openings in Iot at IBM among others.
  9. GE– It offers Industrial IoT jobs, Software Engineer- IoT, IoT Architect, among others
  10. Accenture– IoT connected vehicle, Application Developer, are a few positions for IoT professionals at Accenture.


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