Companies That Are Still Hiring Data Scientists In India

Data Science Jobs In India

The COVID-19 outbreak has led firms to lay off employees, including data scientists, to cut operation costs. However, a few companies are actively recruiting data scientists to work on new innovative services, as well as enhance existing ones amid slow growth. This might allow companies to offer superior solutions once the lockdown ends, and gain a competitive advantage for business growth. Since the lockdown, the number of opening jobs related to analytics has drastically decreased, but there are still significant numbers of positions that aspirants can apply for.

Airtel X Labs

Airtel X Labs’ prime objective is to enhance customer experience with bespoke solutions by analysing a plethora of data that the company collects. Airtel offers a wide range of products, such as Xtreme, Wink, and more, which might be witnessing a surge in users during the COVID-19 crisis. For one, more than 30 lakh people use its My Airtel App every day, and 1,000 process online recharge every minute through its application.

The company further plans to go beyond consumer business and tap the cloud, IoT and security market in the coming years. Airtel collects 2-5 trillion records each day, which would require data scientists to drive its business even under the lockdown. Currently, the company is hiring data scientists for spotting new business opportunities in customer experience.

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PayPal is among the leading organisations that streamline the payments for businesses across the world. Although there may be fewer transactions during the crisis, the company might not witness a considerable change after everything comes back to normal. Thus, it would not impact its overall business due to the unprecedented circumstances that the world is dealing with. Therefore, the firm is looking for data scientists who can help them understand and address emerging business issues with data.

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B G Consultants

B G Consultants is hiring data scientists for Marketscope — a leading HR Consulting and Placement firm — to enhance its services through various deep learning practices. Its core team consists of 25 recruiters in several verticals. Recruiting the right candidates, especially when the business is witnessing slower growth, is essential to ensure a company effortlessly comes out of the downturn after the lockdown. 

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Oracle is hiring data scientists for determining best practices for several business procedures. Besides, the data scientist will be responsible for developing software for tasks associated with the developing, designing and debugging of software applications or operating systems. A company that offers numerous solutions in various verticals would require data scientists, irrespective of the current circumstances.

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While a few unicorns of India like Swiggy, is laying-off employees, Paytm is hiring data scientists to craft the future of payments, e-commerce, and financial services. The company is looking to innovate and surprise its customers with data-driven solutions. In its inclusive workplace, the firm is hiring data scientists for building large scale recommendation engines and fraud detection ML solutions.

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J.P. Morgan

JP Morgan is seeking associate data scientists who can automate their machine learning for real-time decision making. The leading global financial services firm, with assets of $2.5 trillion and operations worldwide, needs automation in its data science projects. JP Morgan wants to optimise every business aspect, including segmentation, targeting, forecasting, lead generation analysis, channel optimisation and more.

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Mercedes-Benz Research & Development

To boost its research and development, Mercedes-Benz is hiring data scientists for data mining, building state-of-the-art classifiers using machine learning and deep learning techniques. The company is also looking for a professional who can extend the company’s data with third-party sources of information. The essential skills that Mercedes-Benz is expecting are understanding of various machine learning algorithms such as k-NN, Naive Bayes, SVM, Decision Forests, among others.

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