Top Container Monitoring Tools In Market Today

Docker container usage is continuously increasing; thus, getting container log management and monitoring right from the start is important.

Containers are the de facto industry standard for application hosting. They provide innumerable benefits to cloud-based microservices and have enabled enterprises of all sizes to deploy large numbers of containers to power their applications. Container monitoring software keeps track of container performance, gathers event data, and analyses the effects of resource sharing between containers. Container monitoring is, in fact, application performance monitoring (APM) software for containerised applications and their networks. They can operate independently or in conjunction with other types of software, such as container management and container networking solutions. The following is a list of Docker Container monitoring tools.

AppOptics Docker Monitoring with APM

AppOptics is a SaaS-based docker integration that does not require any changes to your images. AppOptics accomplishes this by directly reading metrics from the docker daemon. AppOptic’s preconfigured docker monitoring dashboard visualises information for each container, including CPU, memory, and network utilisation. 

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

SolarWinds‘ easy dashboard allows for tracking of critical performance parameters such as CPU, memory, and uptime for individual docker containers. SolarWinds’ ability to detect faults immediately at the container layer is one of its unique features, giving it an advantage over other traditional server monitors. SolarWinds’ primary strength is its ability to isolate and monitor individual containers in relation to their nearby nodes.


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Prometheus is offered as a docker container image that can be easily installed. However, for production applications, there are a few advanced setups that are recommended. Once the docker target image is installed, the Prometheus monitoring tool finds and monitors the container. However, one disadvantage is that containerised programmes cannot be monitored via the docker target. 

Docker API

Docker API is Docker’s official HTTP Web Service API. It utilises the secure API endpoints to connect to any external docker monitoring tool in order to collect metrics and store or visualise them. The Docker API is best suited for enterprises that have their own monitoring apps for containers from several service providers.

ManageEngine Applications Manager

ManageEngine Applications Manager excels at monitoring both container environments and the apps contained within them. Containers require monitoring because isolation occurs at the kernel level via dynamic resource allocation. ManageEngine enables monitoring of all containers within a host to identify and eliminate performance and availability issues.

Container Advisor (cAdvisor)

Google’s Container Advisor (cAdvisor) runs in the background and collects, aggregates, and exports data about the resource usage and performance of specified containers. cAdvisor is a widely used programme that is well-known for its emphasis on resource isolation settings, past resource utilisation, and historical data histograms. 

SolarWinds Librato

Librato includes all of the benefits of SolarWinds but with additional customisation options. It enables monitoring of a diverse set of languages and frameworks via RPC calls, queues, and other sources. Librato integrates natively with over 150 cloud solutions, including Docker, making it ideal for enterprises that utilise a variety of services.


Without the need to install any images or modify run instructions, Dynatrace provides an out-of-the-box solution for monitoring containerised applications. Dynatrace offers broad tracking and monitoring via log monitoring, even when docker-specific details like name, ID, or host are not available. One advantage of this approach is that Dynatrace does not require a lot of storage space.


Datadog integrates with hundreds of cloud service platforms, making it another attractive option for enterprises that use a combination of containerised apps and cloud solutions. Datadog gathers information on services, applications, and platforms by analysing extensive log data. Another aspect that sets Datadog apart is its ability to monitor data natively by the platform. 


Sysdig claims to have the most comprehensive integrations with the Docker ecosystem, tracking data straight from container metadata to provide security and docker monitoring. One of Sysdig’s most notable benefits is that it monitors containers, cloud services, and Kubernetes. Prometheus is an open-source monitoring tool that is integrated into the Sysdig platform and is available as an enterprise solution with a slew of additional features.


Sematext Agent for docker is a container-based monitoring solution that collects data from all hosts and containers. While it is a small agent, it must be installed on each docker host that requires monitoring. Log agent is used to monitor and store all container activity logs. These logs provide dashboards and alerts for monitoring docker containers and track a variety of metrics such as CPU, memory, network, I/O, and memory failure counts.

Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic provides a holistic monitoring experience through a container-aware approach. It is applicable to both host and daemon logs and provides a thorough overview of the docker environments being monitored. The entire docker infrastructure is monitored using a native collection source. As a result, Sumo Logic can provide real-time monitoring based on log and metric data. 

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