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Course5 Intelligence Rolls Out Relief To Fight The Second Wave In India

Course5 Intelligence Rolls Out Relief To Fight The Second Wave In India

Ashwin Mittal, CEO at Course5 Intelligence recently took to LinkedIn to announce that the company is rolling out a number of measures in order to protect the employees as well as contribute to mitigation for society.

The CEO stated, “The second wave of the pandemic has brought massive pain and suffering to India. We at Course5 are determined to whatever we can to protect our employees and also contribute to mitigation for society.”

Some of the measures that were rolled out towards this initiative are mentioned below-

  • Since the beginning of the pandemic, Course5 Intelligence has set up an employee assistance program to provide emotional and mental health counselling and support
  • Course5 Intelligence will sponsor vaccinations for all Coursers, their spouses, eligible children and parents
  • The company has taken a covid specific insurance cover up to Rs. 5 lacs for all Coursers and their families
  • Course5 Intelligence has set up an emergency response team to identify medical facilities, hospital beds, ICU beds, Oxygen etc. as needed by any Courser
  • Course5 is providing advance leaves for any person who is affected or whose family is affected

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“Every effort makes a difference. We hope that these initiatives will make a small difference in healing our bleeding nation,” said on a concluding note.

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