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Crayon Data

Crayon Data

CrayonConceived in 2012, Crayon Data ( was set-up with one clear ambition in mind – simplify and democratize the world of Big Data.

With the company’s headquarters in Singapore and key development center in Chennai, Crayon has been able to make impressive inroads into the global market in a very short period of time. From securing clients, to increasing revenue traction and exploring funding, the company has surely embarked upon an ambitious journey. The recent acquisition of the Singapore based company One Drop Analytics has given Crayon a new proficiency stance.

Founded by Suresh V Shankar, Crayon’s growth driver remains the talent pool supported by a robust team of seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts. Suresh is a pioneer in the field of analytics. He had earlier laid the foundation for RedPill Solutions in 2000 which was later acquired by IBM in 2009.

Since the core to the business remains its product offering, allow me to share with you details for your better understanding:


  • Simpler Choices – aimed at helping consumers and businesses make better informed, and smarter decisions by presenting ‘simpler and more concise’ choices which are relevance based and suited to individual preferences
  • Richer Engagement – is a highly interactive consumer engagement platform which encourages debates and conversations based on data which is curated, aggregated and predictive in nature. Richer Engagement is an alternative perspective which is fueled by data
  • One Drop Analytics – offers deep integrated insights to companies and enterprises by converting complex data into more precise and predictive analysis

Recent developments-

  • Crayon Data raised the second round of VC funding from prominent Angel Investors.
  • Crayon announced that they will launch next year a “Taste Graph” data that could revolutionise consumer’s relationships with service-based business houses through information technology.

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