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Cypher 2019: Participate In The #MeetMeAtCypher Contest & Win Tickets To India’s Largest Analytics Summit

Cypher 2019: Participate In The #MeetMeAtCypher Contest & Win Tickets To India’s Largest Analytics Summit

In a move to encourage creative skills as well as give data enthusiasts a chance to win free tickets, the fifth edition of Cypher 2019 is announcing an exciting contest. Titled #MeetMeAtCypher, the contest is a video challenge that will bring out the creativity in participants.


Cypher 2019 will be held in Bengaluru from 18-20 September. The event is set to see noted analytics and data science leaders delivering insightful sessions, workshops and panel discussions on the topics that are trending in the analytics landscape. 

Cypher is one of the largest analytics conferences in India that hosts innovators, data scientists and startups in the space who have real-time expertise and real-life use cases of analytics utilisation in solving complex business problems. It is suited for the entire analytics ecosystem and would be attended by data scientists, analytics professionals, CAO, head of analytics, analytics startups, VCs and analytics aspirants. It is a great platform for the participants to learn and network. 

Know more about Cypher here.

About The Contest

Cypher brings an opportunity to win tickets for the three-day event. All you have to do is tell us through a video about your data science journey or why should you be at Cypher. All you have to do it post a video on social media with a hashtag #MeetMeAtCypher 

Three best videos and the videos that have gone viral will win Cypher passes. The pass will give access to all three days at Cypher and can be used to attend any sessions and network with the best of the analytics industry. 

FAQs About #MeetMeAtCypher

How long the video should be: 30 sec to 1 minute

Where should I uploaded/post the video: The video should be posted primarily on LinkedIn. Any other social media is additional. The video must have the hashtag #MeetMeAtCypher 

Who should participate: Data science and analytics professionals or any other professionals looking to kickstart a career in data science

How should I shoot it: The video could be shot as a selfie or you can ask your friend. It doesn’t matter as long as the video conveys the message!

Last date to upload video: 16th August 2019

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