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Cypher 2019: Ten Talks You Definitely Must Attend This Year

Cypher 2019: Ten Talks You Definitely Must Attend This Year

Cypher 2019 is just 10 days away and it is going to bring interesting talks and sessions throughout the three-day event. Loaded with keynotes, panel discussions, knowledge talks, and hands-on sessions, Cypher promises to bring the best quality content for anyone and everyone who’s in the emerging tech industry like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, data analytics and internet of things, among others. With experienced speakers lined up for the summit, Cypher has raised the bar about the kind of talks that would be offered in the future. 

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In this article, we are listing down 10 such talks that you can look forward to at Cypher 2019. These talks are a combination of keynotes, panel discussions, tech talks and knowledge talks. There are several other interesting sessions apart from these talks that should not be given a miss.

Check out the complete schedule for Cypher 2019 here. 

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable – Fuelling The Digital Transformation By Deep Thomas Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Aditya Birla Group

Innovation has been the cornerstone of all human evolution. Numerous evidence shows that humans have used inventive approaches to survive in unpredictable environments while making steady progressions. Likewise, companies today are faced with unprecedented changes in their business environment owing to the volume of data and overwhelming technology disruptions. This talk Thomas will focus on leveraging organisational capability and cultivate the culture of innovation and collaboration to stay ahead.

Debate – AI: Good Or Evil? By Chris Arnold Head of Product, Analysis & Modelling at Wells Fargo, Anshu Sharma Raja Managing Director, Retail Banking Technology at Standard Chartered Bank

This interesting debate between the two analytics leaders will set a tone for how artificial intelligence should be viewed as — good or bad. While there have been numerous theories and popular beliefs regarding AI and that if it is for the human good or against it, there hasn’t been a thorough conclusion on it. With this debate, the two fierce leaders will try to figure out just that. 

Are Marriages Made In Heaven Or Do Algos Decide Who We Love? By Bhavik Gandhi Director, Data Sciences and Analytics at

In this interesting talk by Gandhi, he will talk about three different use cases of data science at, like identifying bad photos, detecting fraud users and recommending profiles to users that have played a crucial role in deciding the life partners. As the title suggests, it will have an interesting discussion on whether marriages are made in heaven or algos decide life partners. 

AI In The Future Of Cybersecurity By Lion Kontorer Offensive Security Team Leader at HackerU

AI is gradually gaining a significant position in cybersecurity both on the offensive and defensive sides. This talk will introduce the applications of AI in cybersecurity defensive strategies against the continually growing amount of cyber-attacks, data breaches. On the offensive side, the talk will review possible implementations of AL/ML by adversaries in reconnaissance, infiltration, and exploitation of vulnerable systems.

Cora Pre Trained AI Accelerators: The Genpact Vision For The Future Of AI By Amaresh Tripathy Business Leader of Analytics at GENPACT

What are the top barriers to AI adoption? Some of them are lack of skills to design, implement, and maintain AI solutions, and no clarity on where to use AI effectively. Tripathy will talk about Genpact’s Cora Pre-trained AI Accelerators to address the critical barriers to AI adoption in the enterprise. 

Key Elements For Setting Up A Successful AI Lab Within An Organisation By Tamal Chowdhury Senior Vice President – Artificial Intelligence Labs at Course5 Intelligence, Ashwin Mittal CEO at Course5 Intelligence

While organisations are looking to bring AI play into their organisations, setting up AI function or AI lab is not that an easy task. It comes with its own set of challenges and pre-requisites. This talk will be an interesting insight for anyone looking to add AI function in their organisation. 

Panel Discussion — AI At Scale: Challenges In Driving Adoption Across Large Organisations

Analytics industry has its own set of challenges when it comes to its adoption across large organisations. The problem does not lie in the technology itself, but rather on the roadmap to scale up AI adoption in large organisations. In this panel discussion, the panellists will try to find a solution for it. The panellists include Ramasubramanian (Ramsu) Sundararajan Head of AI Lab at Cartesian Consulting, Rohit Dhameja Senior Vice President – HMS Analytics at Genpact, Dimple Arora Vice President – Digital at Genpact, Sidhartha Shishoo Vice President – Analytics Operations at Genpact, Anurag Verma CEO and Co-founder at FN MathLogic. 

Enabling The Future Of Transportation Safety By Pankaj Risbood Co-founder at Zendrive

Every year over 1.3M people die on roads. Even when cars are becoming safer, this recent increase is largely attributed to distraction caused by the use of mobile phones while driving. Zendrive, a company committed to making roads safer, is using the same smartphone data to understand unsafe driving behaviours like aggression, adherence to the rules of the road and distraction. In his talk Risbood will take you on a fascinating journey of measuring driving behaviour, quantifying risk and creating incentives for drivers to adopt safer driving habits.

From Models To Boxes By Sandeep Mittal Managing Director at Cartesian Consulting

Analytics folks have been used to a world of building models, providing insights and driving actions. However, a new way of delivering that’s become more apparent is where we build Boxes. It comes with their own challenges to build, deliver, integrate, maintain. In this talk, Mittal will share his experience of making the shift – the hell yeah! and the oh hell! moments, the change management they had to drive, and more. Expect toons at this highly visually appealing talk. 

How Much Will I Pay For AI? By Pankaj Rai Senior Vice President Strategy at Wells Fargo

This talk is about exploring the main question that we are trying to answer, then finding the answer and lastly looking at the relevance of AI in that answer which leads us to the monetary value attached to it.

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