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D-Wave Expands Its Quantum Cloud Service to India

D-Wave Expands Its Quantum Cloud Service to India

D-Wave Systems, a Canadian quantum computing company announced the expansion of its Leap cloud access and quantum application environment to India and Australia. The company claimed that for the first time, users in these countries will have real-time access to a commercial quantum computer.

Leap, which was launched in 2018 is said to be the only quantum application environment that allows anyone to start coding on a live quantum computer in real-time, for free. Developers, researchers and businesses in India can now access D-Wave 2000QTM quantum computers, hybrid solvers and the Quantum Application Environment (QAE) in real-time via Leap to drive the development of business-critical, in-production hybrid applications.

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In addition to access, Leap offers free developer plans, teaching and learning tools, code samples, demos and an emerging quantum community to help developers, forward-thinking business and researchers get started building and deploying quantum applications.

The features of this quantum computing platform are mentioned below-

  • Hybrid Solver Service: The hybrid solver service is a managed cloud-based service allowing users to easily solve large and complex problems of up to 10,000 variables.
  • Integrated Developer Environment (IDE): The IDE is a prebuilt, ready-to-code environment in the cloud configured with the latest Ocean SDK for quantum hybrid development in Python. The Leap IDE includes the new D-Wave problem inspector and Python debugging tools.
  • Problem Inspector: The problem inspector gives developers a visual representation of their problems on the quantum processing unit, allowing them to fine-tune code and improve results.
  • Flexible Access: With Leap, users have access to flexible increments of computing time across quantum and classical systems, catering to all skill and investment levels.

Murray Thom, Vice President of Software and Services, D-Wave said, “Quantum computing is poised to fundamentally transform the way businesses solve critical problems, leading to new efficiencies and profound business value in industries like transportation, finance, pharmaceuticals and much more.” 

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He added, “The future of quantum computing is in the cloud. That’s why we were eager to expand Leap to India and Australia, where vibrant tech scenes will have access to real-time quantum computers and the hybrid solver service for the first time, unlocking new opportunities across industries.”

This year, D-Wave offered free access to Leap to any individual or organization working to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, D-Wave’s forthcoming, next-generation quantum system, Advantage, will be available to global users via Leap later this year.

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