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Data Curry – Workshops on Big Data Analytics and Data Science

Data Curry – Workshops on Big Data Analytics and Data Science

Usha Martin Technologies in association with International School of Engineering (INSOFE) is hosting a one day workshop on data science and big data analytics, ‘Data Curry’, exclusive for 20 business leaders. The workshop will be mentored by Dr. Murty, renowned Indian data scientist and president of INSOFE.

Deep Learning DevCon 2021 | 23-24th Sep | Register>>

Kolkata Edition – 25th July, The Park Hotel

Data curry will focus on using data science and big data analysis for deriving meaningful business insights from large volumes of data in organizations. It is a platform for learning and discussing live case studies & business problems that can be solved using data science and interacting with the best mind in this field. The Kolkata workshop will have the flavours of manufacturing, banking and finance, and general sales and marketing.

You can attend ‘Data Curry’ if you are:

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  • In the banking and financial sector dealing with a lot of data and want to know how to do fraud detection, how to benchmark performance, how to calculate lifetime value of a customer and how to do target marketing
  • In the manufacturing sector and want to predict machine failures, pipeline leakage, analyse the products and processes for eliminating bottlenecks, ensure reservoir management and equipment failure prediction.
  • In sales and marketing and want to gain and end-to-end customer perspective, customer life time value, target marketing, customer purchase decision, customer churn analysis.
  • Business leader who wants to know what data science and big data analytics can help your business.

About the Master Chef of Data

Data curry boasts to have Dr. Murthy on board as the master data chef.

Dr. Murthy is a renowned Indian data scientist with more than 15 years of work experience after PhD as a chief data consultant to fortune 500 companies.  Dr. Murthy has filed for 5 patents in Retail and Telecom Analytics, and has more than a dozen published international articles, presented in over 50 international seminars and conferences.  He is a brand name in the world of Data science.

Over the past few years, he has been actively teaching and consulting data science and big data analytics to working professionals from diverse industries with wide range of experience.

How to Register:

You can register on our website –

You can also post your opinions and doubts on our LinkedIn group Data Curry, and follow us on twitter @data_curry. Interact with Dr. Murthy and sort your doubts through these groups, so that you can make the most of his expertise and experience during the workshop.

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