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Data Science, AI & ML Will Come Together On 15 June In The 7th Edition Of AIMinds Meetup

Data Science, AI & ML Will Come Together On 15 June In The 7th Edition Of AIMinds Meetup

With the rapid advancement of data science and analytics, it is easy to forget that analytics was a vertical unto itself before AI. Business intelligence was one of the most required verticals for corporates. Deriving insights from data lay at the core of business analytics and was the seed for data science’s growth.

To offer more insight into how the industry as a whole moved from analytics into AI-focused data science, AIMinds collaborated with Tredence Consulting. A venture by Analytics India Magazine, AIMinds is a monthly meetup which puts the common public and Data Science enthusiasts in touch with artificial intelligence practitioners and researchers from all over the country.

Deep Learning DevCon 2021 | 23-24th Sep | Register>>

To attend the meetup, register here.

This culminated in the Seventh Edition of AIMinds, a meetup which will be held at Tredence’s offices in Whitefield. People of all skill levels are welcome.

Date: 15th June 2019

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Time: 10am – 2pm

Venue: No.180, 2nd Floor, Mfar Silverline Tech Park, EPIP Zone, Whitefield Industrial A, Kundalahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066

To attend the meetup, register here.

With the theme ‘Transitioning From Traditional Analytics to Modern AI’, the meetup will focus on not only how the industry has advanced, but also what needs to be done to adapt to the change. The speakers for this meetup are industry veterans who have observed the shift from traditional analytics to modern AI. They are:

  1. Shashank Dubey: Head of Analytics, Tredence
  2. Aravind Chandramouli: Principal, Data Science, Tredence

Click here to register and attend the meetup. As this meetup is primarily intended at Knowledge sharing, it will be good if you have loads of questions to make this a very interactive meetup session.

To attend the meetup, register here.

So do RSVP soon and be part of this exciting meetup along with your friends and colleagues who are also interested in Analytics / Data Science and want to know how to foray/transition to this space.

To attend the meetup, register here.

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