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Data Science Hackathon: Use Machine Learning & NLP To Predict The News Category & Win Exciting Prizes

Data Science Hackathon: Use Machine Learning & NLP To Predict The News Category & Win Exciting Prizes

Amal Nair

MachineHack is back again with an exciting hackathon for all data enthusiasts. The new hackathon provides users with a real-world dataset of news and articles collected from various sources that the participants can use to build a Machine Learning Model which will be capable of identifying the genre of the news.

Predict The News Category Hackathon By MachineHack

From the beginning, ever since the first printed newspaper, every news that makes into a page has had a specific section allotted to it. Although pretty much everything changed in newspapers from the ink to the type of paper used, this proper categorization of news was carried over by generations. Even in this digital age, all online news magazines and news companies follow the trend of categorizing news articles into different sections. Newspaper articles are not limited to a few topics or subjects, it covers a wide range of interests from politics to sports to movies and so on.

For long, this process of sectioning was done manually by people but now technology can do it without much effort. MachineHack’s latest hackathon – Predict The News Category Hackathon will focus on Natural Language Processing and the power of Machine Learning.

In this hackathon, Data Science and Machine Learning enthusiasts can use NLP to predict which genre or category a piece of news will fall into, given the content of the story.

To participate, head to MachineHack , register and start the hackathon. 

Click here to participate in the hackathon 

Characteristics Of The Data Sets

The dataset provided will consist of 7,628 records of categorized content/story in training set and 2,748 records of uncategorized content in the test set for which the participants will predict the categories for.

Size of training set: 7,628 records

Size of test set: 2,748 records


STORY:  A part of the main content of the article to be published as a piece of news.

SECTION: The genre/category the STORY falls in.

There are four distinct sections where each story may fall in to. The Sections are labelled as follows :

Politics: 0

Technology: 1

Entertainment: 2

See Also

Business: 3

The objective is to classify a given news piece into either of the given categories.

Click here to participate in the hackathon 


The hackathon comes with an exciting opportunity for its top 3 participants. The top 3 contestants will get a free pass to CYPHER 2019.

Cypher is India’s largest Analytics & AI summit. In its 5th year, Cypher acts as a platform to network and learn from the leading thought leaders, companies and startups in Analytics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence discipline.

To know more about the event click here.

To participate in the hackathon click here.

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