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Data Science Hackathon: Use Machine Learning To Predict The Price Of Books & Win Exciting Prizes

Data Science Hackathon: Use Machine Learning To Predict The Price Of Books & Win Exciting Prizes

Amal Nair
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India’s most popular Machine Learning hackathon platform MachineHack is back again with a new challenge and this time it’s around books.

 The new hackathon provides it’s participants with a real-world dataset of books of a variety of genres from thousands of different authors. The participants must build an ML model to predict the price of a book depending on various features.

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Predict The Price Of Books Hackathon By MachineHack

“The so-called paradoxes of an author, to which a reader takes exception, often exist not in the author’s book at all, but rather in the reader’s head.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Books are open doors to unimagined worlds which is unique to every person. It is more than just a hobby for many. There are many among us who prefer to spend more time with books than anything else. Here we explore a big database of books. Books of different genres, from thousands of authors.


In this challenge, participants are required to use the dataset to build a Machine Learning model to predict the price of books from features like Author, Edition, Ratings etc.

The Data Set 

Size of training set: 6237 records

Size of test set: 1560 records


Title: The title of the book

Author: The author(s) of the book.

Edition: The edition of the book eg (Paperback,– Import, 26 Apr 2018)

Reviews: Customer reviews about the book

Ratings: The customer ratings of the book

Synopsis: The synopsis of the book

Genre: The genre the book belongs to

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BookCategory: The department the book is usually available at.

Price: The price of the book (Target variable)

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The hackathon comes with an exciting opportunity for its top 3 participants. The top 3 contestants will get a free pass to MLDS 2020.

Machine Learning Developers Summit 2020 (MLDS20) brings together India’s leading Machine Learning innovators and practitioners to share their ideas and experiences about machine learning tools, advanced development in this sphere and gives the attendees a first look at new trends & developer products.

To know more about the MLDS click here.

To participate in the hackathon click here.

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