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Data Science Hiring Process At PolicyBazaar

Data Science Hiring Process At PolicyBazaar

  • PolicyBazaar has become the “Google of all Insurance policies”.

PolicyBazaar is India’s leading online life insurance and general insurance aggregator that specialises in making comparative analysis of the insurance products. Over the years, it has become the “Google of all Insurance policies”. From customer segmentation to AI chatbot, AI and data science are key to PolicyBazaar’s workings. The data science team is housed within the technology team. 

Skill Sets 

At PolicyBazaar, the company looks for candidates with the following skill sets: 

How To Start Your Career In Data Science?
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Experience in handling unstructured data – Computer vision or Natural language
  • Comfortable with any backend technology
  • Coding skills in any one language such as Python

Work experience in deep learning projects, knowledge of neural Language models, LSTM, Sequence models, transformer models, knowledge of classical machine learning methodologies, exposure to big data technologies and cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and GCP are preferred. 

In terms of educational background, the company looks for data scientists with a Masters degree or PhD in computer science. PolicyBazaar is partial to candidates with research experience around analytics, data science and AI. Having said that, both educational background and skills are equally important when it comes to hiring data scientists at PolicyBazaar. 

Interview Process

The interview process consists of following rounds:

  • A written round for freshers and early-stage data scientists
  • Case study and thorough discussion on the steps and approach taken
  • Multiple technical rounds to assess the programming skills and technical grasp

The interview questions vary according to the job requirements. The questions revolve around the basics of machine learning, common algorithms used in data science, coding skills etc. The company also checks your grasp in deep learning with a strong focus on mathematical concepts. PolicyBazaar believes in a rigorous interview process to find the right candidate.

The company hires data scientists through various channels such as internal references, LinkedIn posts and job portals. There are many open positions in data science, data analyst and machine learning at PolicyBazaar. Interested candidates can apply in their job portal or connect on LinkedIn. 

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Being A Data Scientist At PolicyBazaar

An ideal data science candidate at PolicyBazaar has a PhD or Masters in relevant fields along with a few years of experience in handling natural language and open-ended problems. 

A data scientist at PolicyBazaar is expected to carry tasks around creating solutions to various problem statements. They are involved in conceptualising problem statements, deploying ML models and integrating these solutions into existing services and platforms. They are expected to work independently on open-ended research problemS. 

PolicyBazaar provides ample opportunities for data scientists to grow. A data scientist can rise to the position of a principal data scientist or a technical manager. The engineering manager position is also within the purview of the right candidate.  PolicyBazaar believes theoretical depth is as important as hand-on experience in the machine learning world. 

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