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Data Security & AI For All, Google Next ’18 Brought Good News For Users, Small Businesses

Data Security & AI For All, Google Next ’18 Brought Good News For Users, Small Businesses

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Google’s annual event Next ’18 was a thing to behold. Held at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, and hosted by CEO Sundar Pichai and Cloud top executive Diane Green, the event was witnessed by over 20,000 people.

“Our mission is to organise world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. I am always talking about being fortunate as a company as a timeless machine. One that feels as it did 20 years ago,” said Pichai during the address.

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Apart from new features in Gmail, functionalities in Cloud and other news, many key announcements around security, artificial intelligence, machine learning were made:

AI for every business

Google will be helping their users train their ML models faster, in multiple locations (on-prem, and multi-cloud with Kubeflow), and with more libraries (XGBoost and scikit-learn on Cloud ML Engine). They will also extend classification to IoT and gateway devices at the edge.

From data to insights

Data growth in the enterprise is staggering, and as businesses generate more data each year, they need advanced tools to store, manage, analyse, and generally make sense of it all. Google announced a number of enhancements to their data analytics offerings aimed at helping businesses uncover important insights from their data.

Secure Cloud

From context-aware access to shielded VMs and binary authorisation, Google announced a variety of security tools and capabilities, to secure data and the operating environment.

AI for every business

Google announced Cloud AutoML Vision, Natural Language, and Translation that extends powerful ML models to suit specific needs, without requiring any specialised knowledge in machine learning or coding. They also announced a new solution, Contact Center AI, which includes new Dialogflow features alongside other tools to assist live agents and perform analytics.

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A new investigation tool in the Security Center helps admins identify which users are potentially infected, see if anything’s been shared externally and remove access to Drive files or delete malicious emails.

Here’s a full recap for Day 1:

And for Day 2:

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