Data Visualisation Hackathon Ends On A Scrumptious Note. Here Are The Winners

The hackathon witnessed close to 460+ participants and 65+ solutions posted on the leaderboard.
Data Visualisation Hackathon Ends On A Scrumptious Note. Here Are The Winners

The weekend ended on a scrumptious note, thanks to the data visualisation hackathon — a part of MachineHack Weekend Hackathon Edition #2. The hackathon concluded successfully on 16 September 2021. It showcased the visualisations of food delivery time for different cuisines.

The hackathon witnessed close to 460+ participants and 65+ solutions posted on the leaderboard, out of which only three winners were selected. The candidates who topped the leaderboard submitted some amazing visualisations that captured the essence of the food delivery insights, alongside favourite cuisines and delivery time across geographies. 

Let’s take a look at the winners’ journeys, solution approaches and experience at MachineHack. 

Rank 01: Safoora Naureen

Safoora Naureen is a civil engineer from Hyderabad. Her journey in data science began when she stumbled upon Power BI while helping her friend with a data science project. Immediately, she was fascinated with data and how it is used to make critical business decisions.

It’s been a year now, Naureen has been working as a data analyst specialising in visualisations and dashboarding. “After that, there was no looking back. I started making numbers to plots and tables to stories,” she expressed. 


In this hackathon, Naureen used Power BI as her tool of choice. Her approach to the problem followed three steps. Firstly, going through the problem statement and understanding the requirements to the core. Secondly, knowing the necessity of city-wise breakup. Then, she cleared the raw data to have all the cities in separate columns using various DAX functions and measures. Finally, she put forth all the data collected and cleaned in an understandable and user-friendly format.

Data Visualisation Hackathon Ends On A Scrumptious Note. Here Are The Winners


A hackathon for beginners across various levels was something that Naureen liked the most. She said this way; beginners would not be intimidated by the level and not be boring for pros in their field. “This was my first hackathon, and I could not wish for anything more than coming in the first place in a specialisation which I am interested in,” said Naureen. 

Check out her solution here

Rank 02: Soumit Kar

Soumit Kar actively participates in MakeOverMonday data visualisation weekly challenges and follows the Tableau and Power BI community on every social media platform. His entry into the data science ecosystem started after completing his MBA and a data analyst master programme. He worked as a BI analyst intern and on several projects. “I follow data science videos on YouTube and blogs on Medium and Kaggle,” Soumit said. 


For this hackathon, Kar has used Tableau Desktop. To begin with, he started by validating the data type and custom splitting like ratings, votes, reviews, average cost, minimum order and delivery time, etc. Following this, he created a few useful derived features like minimum order to cost ratio, number of restaurants in a given location, number of branches of a given restaurant, etc. – and later extracted the city names from the location feature.  

He said for creating parameters, sets, calculated fields, reduce the number of views per dashboard, make use of Tableau’s duplicate sheet capability, top N and bottom N in one view. 

Other useful tips: 

  • Worksheet best practice: visuals are better than text, avoid high mark counts, and do not build everything all at once. 
  • Filter: Create a parameter filter, reduce the number of filters, and use the apply button. 
  • Tooltip: Change ATTR (by default) to MIN or MAX in the tooltip. 

User experience tips: Use buttons for navigation, the text should be simple and descriptive (especially in titles), use font size and colour intentionally and consistently. 


Kar said MachineHack is an amazing platform, especially for beginners. Further, he said it has always been very exciting as it always provides a wide variety of business cases across different domains. “There are also many companies introducing great opportunities with hiring hackathons,” he added. 

Checkout out his solution here 

Rank 03: Prathyusha Thatipelli

Prathyusha Thatipelli is an electronics and communication engineer. Her journey towards data science began after her data science internship at IIM Bangalore. Currently, she is a developer analyst at TCS.

Checkout out his solution here 

Here are some of the visualisation from other participants: 

Participant: Devashree Madhugiri 

Data Visualisation Hackathon Ends On A Scrumptious Note. Here Are The Winners

Participant: Rupam

Data Visualisation Hackathon Ends On A Scrumptious Note. Here Are The Winners

Check out more details about Data Visualisation Hackathon #1 here

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