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DataKind Bangalore Chapter Launch – Sep 20, 2014, Bangalore

DataKind Bangalore Chapter Launch – Sep 20, 2014, Bangalore


Calling all data do-gooders: come rub elbows and throw high fives with Bangalore chapter of DataKind– a community of top data scientists and social sector leaders working to tackle the world’s toughest problems with data science.


Are you a data scientist by day hankering to use your data prowess to find new insights, grapple with the most pressing social issues of our time and rub elbows with inspiring mission-driven organizations?

Join us for one of our Project Accelerator Nights and in just a few hours you’ll have the chance to make a difference where we gather some of the city’s best mission-driven organizations with their questions about how to leverage data in the service of their cause.

Do you work for an organization doing good in the world? Are you struggling with how to use data to further your cause? Want to get on-the-spot counsel and ideas from people who work with data for a living?

Bring your questions about how to use ‘big data’ and new sources of information to this gathering of top-notch data scientists and get on-the-spot advice for your organization.

Want to learn more? Check out our website : See how you can volunteer your data skills for good. Find how your organization can leverage data science for greater impact

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