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DataRobot Acquires Decision AI Alongside Release of DataRobot 7.2

DataRobot Acquires Decision AI Alongside Release of DataRobot 7.2

  • Now, DataRobot can incorporate some important supplementary technology into its product lineup.

AI Cloud platform DataRobot has acquired, people learned from the announcement made alongside the release of DataRobot 7.2. Igor Veksler, Product Manager at DataRobot, provided a look into the intention behind the acquisition of Decision AI.

“This gives DataRobot a chance to integrate some key complementary technology and bring onboard some great minds such as Dan Becker & team. This was a very good decision (pun intended) by DataRobot,” said Veksler in a LinkedIn post.

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Features of Decision AI:

  • Improve Collaboration: Share an interactive dashboard with colleagues and stakeholders to allow them to dig deeper into your results. Send them a link, and their simulation will always be current.
  • Adopt Popular Machine Learning Frameworks: Create models using familiar tools such as Tensorflow, scikit-learn, and xgboost. Instantly import your model and immerse it in a more holistic simulation.
  • Include Uncertainty: Models are not without flaws. Consider the potential upside and downside risks associated with each choice.
  • Concentrate on More Substantial Outcomes: The majority of people are unconcerned with predictions. They desire outcomes. Consider the financial impact of each decision you make.

By combining the world’s only AI Cloud platform with an AI-native strategic success team, DataRobot enables enterprises to utilise the transformative power of AI.

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Recently, to coincide with the launch of AI Cloud, the firm announced the 3rd major release of the year – DataRobot 7.2, with features including:

  • Composable ML and code-centric data pipelines for data science experts 
  • Continuous AI and bias monitoring for ML operators
  • New AI Apps
  • Decision Intelligence Flows
  • Pathfinder solution accelerators for the front line decision-makers

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