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Deep Dive: How EaseMyTrip Is Using Analytics To Reach Their Goal

Deep Dive: How EaseMyTrip Is Using Analytics To Reach Their Goal

Harshajit Sarmah

The brainchild of Pitti brothers — Nishant Pitti and Rikant Pitti — EaseMyTrip has emerged as a strong competitor in the travel aggregation space. From losing investments to starting from scratch all over again, the company has overcome hurdles to enter a growth stage. Today, the company is listed amongst the top travel companies in India and has around 500 employees, 42,000 travel agents, 1200 franchise outlets, 200 distributors and boasts of over 640 white labels solutions. It is also a leading flight booking site in India which books around 30,000-35,000 thousand flight tickets daily.

EaseMyTrip Leverages Tech To Build Relevant Recommendations

EaseMyTrip has a technology team of around 100+ people that includes web developers, web designers and testers. So, when it comes to technology, the company makes sure that it has got a has got a strong hand.

Whether you talk about the services or pricing, the technology has completely changed the travel experience for the travellers. In this neck to neck competition, EaseMyTrip is not behind.

Having a platform that provides its customers with cutting-edge services, EaseMyTrip’s recommendation engine is something that is making a great impact. “Our recommendation engine makes maximum use of algorithms and data to recommend the most relevant locations or city pairs to the particular user, said Rikant.

Using some of the techniques like collaborative filtering, automatic content analysis, and social recommendation assembling, the engine not only shows the locations a user has looked for but also recommend travel destinations based on what they were browsing. It keeps a similar kind of city pairs, travel routes, and holiday destinations in front of them. It is a targeted marketing tool for both the email notifications and websites pages. Also, there are some specific tools that are being used to bring all of the different systems and data sources together.

“The main goal of this recommendation engine is to increase average booking value by giving suggestions to the customers based on searches on the website,” Rikant added.

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Talent On-Boarding Process

It is not surprising that the talent crunch is affecting a lot of companies, making it tough for companies to carry out hiring processes. However, when in to comes to hiring, EaseMyTrip has a different approach. EaseMyTrip goes for the on-campus hiring process to bring out the emerging talent onboard. In case of hiring someone experienced, the company look for candidates who have a deep understanding of the industry and its processes, movements and trends.

Talking about the post-hiring process, EaseMyTrip has a training model that includes on-the-job learning, coaching, and mentoring within the workplace. The training process not only about enhancing soft skills, but the company also train its employees on particular software applications that simplify their work and improve productivity.

Roadmap For The Future

At present, EaseMyTrip is targeting to expand its business in Tier II and Tier III cities of India by opening its branch offices. Also, in order to increase revenues from Non-Air Products including hotels, bus, holiday packages and car rentals, the company is also planning to open EMT Holiday Hubs in all major cities in India.

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