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Deep Dive: This Influencer Marketing Company Is Leveraging AI & Data To Cross 4 Billion Impressions

Deep Dive: This Influencer Marketing Company Is Leveraging AI & Data To Cross 4 Billion Impressions

Over the past couple of years, influencer marketing has gained tremendous traction and today, it has become one of the best marketing strategies. Simply put, influencer marketing is the advanced version of information sharing between people— the information that people share is still the same, only the way of sharing has changed.  

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Witnessing this rise, companies are not only leveraging influencer marketing for their brand building but have also started integrating AI and data science to make it much more efficient. One Impression is a  Gurugram-based influencer marketing company powered by AI that manages more than 120 brands and has generated over 4 billion impressions. Further, the company founded by Apaksh Gupta works with over 10 million influencers across the globe and has reach ranging from 1000 people to more than a few million.

In a bid to get access to a network of youth influencers and strengthen its presence in the Gen Z demographic, One Impression acquired digital assets of University Express, a youth-focused media venture.

The Role Of Data And AI at One Impression

There was a time when the company used to discover influencer and map insights manually. But with time, it figured out that AI and data could be the core driver how the company discover influencer for a particular niche or category.

One Impression has built an AI solution that processes tens of millions of images based on specific keywords across different social media platforms. The company has gathered image processing data and built is own data set that they use to discover influencers for any brand marketing campaign. The AI solution was built using APIs from Amazon.

That’s not all, the company’s AI solution is also capable of predicting the success of campaigns. “Predicting the success rate through a manual process is one of the most challenging parts. But using AI, we look at the past data of the campaigns of different influencers and we are also able to figure out which influencer is the best fit when it comes to a successful campaign in a particular niche, ” said Gupta.

While there are companies that manually set prices for influencers and campaigns, One Impression taps data to predict the pricing of a campaign as well. This is possible with the data the company has collected from previous campaigns.

The Hiring Phase

Talking about the hiring process, the company is definitely looking for people who have solid fundamentals in analytics and data science. However, there are few things in general that also plays a vital role — a candidate who is able to understand a problem and figuring out a solution to it, and people who are flexible in terms of new ideas.

“We are very picky when it comes to hiring. We don’t hire many people, but we make sure that the one we are hiring are the best ones and aligned with the company’s vision,” said Gupta.

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One Impression also has a way of training newcomers. When it comes to data science and engineering, the company ensures candidates have access to AI and ML course on multiple online platforms. Apart from that, the company also send new joinees to attend conferences and events that are tech-focused.

It also holds knowledge sharing sessions to help newcomers understand how things work, and also allow them to share their thoughts and knowledge with others. “We are always proactive towards knowledge sharing session. And because of these sessions, we have figured out how we can narrow down and discover the best-suited influencer for a campaign,” Gupta added.

The Roadmap Ahead

Looking ahead, Gupta shares One Impression is already leading the influencer marketing industry, but it wants to build an infrastructure in the industry for influencers to grow. Furthermore, it is also looking to explore other sectors such as influencer commerce, influencer led brands etc.

“Having data and AI at the forefront, we are trying to own the entire lifecycle of an influencer’s journey — from a nobody to a large influencer and open up multiple revenue streams for them,” Gupta concluded.

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