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Deep Tech Startup Tooliqa Innovations Raises $1.5M Pre-seed Funding

Deep Tech Startup Tooliqa Innovations Raises $1.5M Pre-seed Funding

  • Tooliqa will use the funds to accelerate research & development, product development, and build infrastructure for manufacturing., a deep tech startup, built on the pillars of computer vision, deep learning, and 3-D has raised $1.5 million in pre-seed funding led by Aditya Raj and Dipak Singh, both of whom have successfully built, scaled and recently exited a tech-based research business (strategic acquisition by Schlesinger Group in 2020).’s core founding team includes Deepak Bansal, Dilip Singh, Raj Gupta who also participated in the round along with the Founders and angel investors.  

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“Most of the companies in computer vision today are piggybacking on existing off the shelf hardware, which leads to inaccuracies and heavy dependencies for optimization and performance on the software. Our approach is built on R&D and investing heavily on engineering a custom camera and driving accuracies through multi-sensors and LiDAR fusion”, said Aditya Raj.

Founded in 2021, goes deeper into advanced machine learning keeping its central focus on deep learning, computer vision, and 3D. The idea behind this striking vision is to make 3D and computer vision accessible to all industries and as many domains as possible.

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“Having in-house capability from Industrial Design, Embedded Computer Vision and Deep Learning, to Back and Front End Development, gives us a lot of freedom to play around and pivot as we need. We are a young and ambitious team which thrives on pure engineering challenges and found the perfect business case to deploy our learnings”, said Raj Gupta – partner and VP,, PhD from IIT Madras leading the Computer Vision vertical.

Currently, is focused on building exciting products in the B2B and Ed-tech space. Both these products focus on the world of design where business problems are addressed and effectively solved and k-8 ed-tech products bring together and promote creativity, design and learning for young minds. 

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