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Delhi To Have AI-Equipped Polling Stations

Delhi To Have AI-Equipped Polling Stations

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In a move that will make the Indian electoral process smoother, the upcoming assembly elections in Delhi will have 11 artificial intelligence-equipped polling constituencies. The polling stations on 8 Feb will also have QR code-enabled digital photo voter slips to find out the citizens’ names on the electoral rolls.

Ranbir Singh, Delhi’s Chief Electoral Officer, told a noted news wire, “Voters will be provided with digital photo voter slips for the first time. The slips will have QR code. Earlier, a lot of time was wasted in finding out voters’ names in the electoral rolls. The new technology will help save that time. The names of the 11 constituencies where this facility will be available are yet to be finalised…”

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“If the experiment is successful, we will establish more such booths the next time. The digital photo voter slip can be downloaded from the Digital Vault in the menu and will work only in electronic form in those polling stations where the booth app is used,” he added.

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Amidst the unrest in the country surrounding the Citizenship Amendment Bill, this news comes as a clear sign that the authorities are taking precautions to counter the confusion or distress that may arise during the elections.

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