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Dell Technologies Is Betting Big On Scalable Analytics Infrastructure, Says Sheenam Ohrie

Dell Technologies Is Betting Big On Scalable Analytics Infrastructure, Says Sheenam Ohrie

Today, enterprise technologies like big data, cloud, SaaS are being leveraged exponentially to address business problems. One of the biggest players in the country which is helping businesses leverage enterprise innovation is Dell Technologies. Apart from being India’s biggest company in x86 servers, Dell is highly focused on its prowess in IT services that leverage data and other emerging technologies for business continuity.

To know more about this, we connected with  Sheenam Ohrie, Vice President, Dell Digital, APJ CIO Leader, Dell Technologies India. Sheenam has over 25 years of experience in various aspects of global delivery project management testing and leadership roles at Dell , and her vision is to transform the IT delivery sector through digital IT as a Service business model through a combination of platforms, products and services. She also plays the role of the chairperson for the Women in Action group for Dell Technologies.


Here are excerpts from the interaction.

Tell us about your leadership role at Dell Technologies in terms of the initiatives you are driving?

At Dell Technologies, I lead the mobility and data engineering teams. My teams are responsible for creating mobility apps at Dell. We create apps that enable employee productivity, customer and partner engagement, and analytics apps. We are responsible for the Dell App Store and, therefore, do the GTM strategy for all apps that need to be maintained there. Data engineering is about crafting and executing Dell’s data strategy. In this space, we build products that enable self-service analytics and data science.

How is Dell Technologies using data for its operations and services?

Data continues to grow at an exponential rate, and experts expect that the sheer volume of data will double each year. However, unlocking the value in this growing volume of complex data requires tools that dramatically simplify data access, analysis and management, without sacrificing security. Dell Technologies’ information management solutions span the entire information lifecycle. It is enabling organisations to better manage data, improve data integration and amplify the benefits of data analysis.

Our AI strategy includes everything an organisation would need to accelerate their AI initiatives. To help make artificial intelligence simpler, these pre-designed and pre-validated solutions are ideal for machine and deep learning so that we can help organisations get faster and deeper insights into their customers and their business.

What are the specific analytics-driven projects that the company has developed?

Our solutions for data analytics provide an end-to-end portfolio of predesigned, integrated and validated tools for big data analytics. Consisting of high-performance Dell Technologies infrastructure, these solutions have been built to simplify deployment and operation of big data analytics projects, to reduce costs and to guarantee a strong return on investment, and achieve performance and scalability. 

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Some of the solutions include:

  • Hadoop Ready Architectures that address data analytics requirements reduce development costs and optimise performance. 
  • Real-time data streaming, which is optimised for real-time data processing infrastructure which allows modular integration from edge ingestion to analytical results. 
  • Spark on Kubernetes, which speeds up a large-scale batch and streaming data processing with a full analytics pipeline. 
  • Finally, with Splunk Enterprise on Dell, we have built a scalable analytics platform to turn machine data into actionable business insights.

According to you, how can Indian businesses modernise their operations?

Security is one of the major aspects of every organisation today. It allows organisations to secure their company, data centre and endpoints. The future today lies in how efficiently you can secure your endpoints. The organisations need to know what is happening on an endpoint device. They also need to consider leveraging hybrid cloud kind of scenario and understanding the progression into 5G, AI/ML and AR/VR, with the combination of robotics. Organisations that will be able to synthesise the data and draw insights out of it will benefit. Organisations need to embrace digital transformation to bring positive changes to their businesses. 

Going forward, how is Dell Technologies aiming to benefit with data centre modernisation?

With the digital economy growing exponentially, Dell Technologies will continue to work towards the set target and enable its customers and partners to achieve their goals in FY21. The ongoing digital revolution has resulted in a massive wave of connected, intelligent devices. For Dell Technologies, 2020 is the beginning of what we call the ‘Next Data Decade’. These technologies are now functioning as catalysts that directly impact the strategy of the business as well as its transformation. To enable data centre modernisation, Dell Technologies recently introduced Dell EMC PowerFlex, a new software-defined storage portfolio. This new portfolio helps businesses harness the potential of software and embrace change while delivering consistent, predictable IT outcomes that drive the business forward.

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