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Deloitte Deploys NVIDIA’s DGX A100s For Its New AI Computing Centre

Deloitte Deploys NVIDIA’s DGX A100s For Its New AI Computing Centre

Deloitte Deploys NVIDIA’s DGX A100s For Its New AI Computing Centre

Deloitte has announced the launch of the first-of-its-kind centre for AI computing, which has outfitted NVIDIA’s DGX A100 systems to create a supercomputing architecture. 

Designed to accelerate AI development for its clients, this new Deloitte Centre for AI Computing will help clients explore various AI strategies to become AI-fuelled organisations. The centre aims to continue the growth of artificial intelligence throughout enterprise IT. 

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The New York-based consulting giant stated in its official statement that the new centre’s accelerated computing platforms would feature NVIDIA graphics processing units, along with its Mellanox networking and NVIDIA software capabilities to transform data processing, analytics and AI.

A recent survey by Deloitte noted that more than half of respondents reported spending more than $20 million over the past year on artificial intelligence technology and talent. Thus, the Deloitte Center for AI Computing has been designed to deliver an accelerated platform for expediting the development of new AI applications.

Jason Girzadas, the managing principal at Deloitte Consulting, stated in the official statement that the Deloitte Center for AI Computing would bring together Deloitte’s deep AI experience with NVIDIA DGX A100 systems’ powerful supercomputing capabilities to accelerate the journey from AI experimentation. 

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He said, “Our collaboration with NVIDIA can enable clients to quickly deliver on the full promise of AI solutions to transform both their businesses and the basis of professional services.”

Deloitte stated to the media that the centre significantly expands its ability to develop AI systems in the AI Exploration Lab in Austin, Texas, and the AI Factory in Canada.

Adding to this, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang mentioned that the company is moving from research labs into the industry, and the partnership with Deloitte will supercharge its reach.

He said, while every industry is getting transformed by AI, with products and services getting revolutionised by AI, companies will become learning machines by supporting people with AI. “Together with Deloitte’s global force of experienced specialists, we will turbocharge the realisation of this vision.”

Deloitte said that the DGX A100 systems would be used to develop AI applications for industries like technology, media and telecommunications, government and public services, life sciences and health care, auto and transportation, financial services, and the energy sector.

The firm said the new Deloitte Centre for AI Computing would provide these organisations with a platform, experience and computing resources to speed the development of a wide range of AI applications, from autonomous vehicles to digital contact centres to public sector innovation.

Additionally, the centre will be collaborating with the Deloitte AI Institute to support the positive growth and development of AI through conversations and innovative research. The centre will also focus on building ecosystem relationships that help advance human-machine collaboration.

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