Analytics Companies

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List of Analytics Service Providers in India

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The firm provides services in areas of Predictive Analytics, CRM Analytics, Conjoint Analytics, Market Research, Marketing Mix Modeling, Customer Segmentation, Data Visualization and Big Data, to large and mid-size clients, including Fortune 500 companies, in a number of sectors like CPG, retail, financial services, media/entertainment, technology, healthcare, automobiles and consulting.

BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions

BRIDGEi2i is a global analytics solutions provider and a trusted partner for enabling data-driven business transformation. The company partners with enterprises, governments, institutions, and business executives globally, to help them drive business transformation by simplifying and embedding analytics into their organizational DNA. BRIDGEi2i works with a number of Fortune 500 companies globally, delivering analytics solutions across marketing, sales, supply chain, HR, and risk functions.

Cartesian Consulting

At Cartesian we believe in the power of analytics and data-driven thinking when it comes to marketing decisions. And we’ve taken that belief, some cutting edge tools, a lot of smarts, and decades of experience in Marketing & CRM to build a practice.


Convergytics is creating a paradigm shift where customers look at analytics as a profit function as against a commoditized resource based cost function. With focused efforts on not only creating the best of breed analytics, but consulting with business leaders to provide the appropriate implementation and measurement framework, decision makers who work with Convergytics are able to tap into the potential of data based decision making and get significant value out of their analytics investments.

Crayon Data

At Crayon Data we believe that data is meant to serve the human spirit, not rule it. Our mission is to revolutionize big data by making it simple. We are a funded, fast growing technology start-up located in Singapore. Our founders are successful entrepreneurs who have been in the business of making data work for businesses and consumers.


Flytxt is a leading provider of Big Data Analytics powered solutions with a focus on enabling mobile operators to derive measurable economic value from subscriber data.

Fractal analytics

Fractal Analytics helps companies compete on analytics and in understanding, predicting and influencing consumer behaviour. Over 20 fortune 500 financial services, consumer packaged goods, retail and insurance companies partner with Fractal to make better data driven decisions and institutionalize analytics inside their organizations.


Gramener transforms your data into concise dashboards that make your business problem & solution visually obvious. Our designs, based on cognitive research, help your eye find important messages quickly. Our experience guides your Visualisations towards actionable decisions.

Hansa Cequity

Hansa Cequity is a marketing services company that brings together the power of data, analytics, campaign management, digital platforms & services for brands.

Infinite Analytics

Infinite Analytics is a company founded out of MIT that specializes in predictive marketing and analytics. Our Personalization Technology understands the site user, enriches the product catalog and performs matching in real time to match the customer to the relevant product. With offices in Mumbai and Boston, the company offers Site Personalization, Search Personalization and Email Personalization.


Kloutix is a next generation analytical company focused on “Analytics of the Future” by providing high-end business analytics leveraging the latest technologies like cloud, open source etc., supplemented by the propriety automation and platform capabilities.

Knowledge Foundry

Knowledge Foundry is a boutique firm specializing in analytics for retail, telecom, consumer goods and B2B marketing companies. Since 2008, we have been helping clients in predictive analytics, retail assortment & allocation, forecasting and optimization. We work closely with global alliance partners in each industry.

Knowlvers Consulting

Knowlvers Consulting Private Limited is a niche analytics consulting and coaching provider, formed in March 2012, with an objective of providing honest, holistic and sustainable solutions. We have deep analytics expertise as well as breadth of geographical understanding.

Latentview Analytics

LatentView Analytics is a leading data analytics and big data firm that works closely with its clients, helping them uncover actionable, result-oriented Insights from their data.

Manthan Systems

Manthan serves as the Chief Analytics Officer for global consumer industries. With its portfolio of analytics products and solutions, Manthan helps its customers derive competitive advantage through data-driven decisions.


Mu Sigma is a category defining Decision Sciences and Big Data Analytics Company helping enterprises institutionalize data-driven decision making. Mu Sigma’s unique interdisciplinary approach and cross-industry learning drive innovation in solving high-impact business problems across marketing, risk and supply chain

Nanobi analytics

nanobi is an cloud inspired analytics platform with a new approach on how analytics can be built, deployed and used. Nanobi analytic platform lets you build analytic applications for use and consumption by consumers of information


NettPositive is a differentiated provider of high-velocity analytics and business intelligence solutions that help enterprises globally Measure, Monitor and manage their business levers effectively.

SIBIA Analytics

SIBIA creates analytics solutions with cutting edge web technology and state of the art predictive modelling; and provide ‘Decision Enabling’ applications to business users across industries for marketing, sales and customer intelligence domains.


Simplify360 is the world’s first integrated enterprise solutions provider; our latest offerings are Social Marketing Suite for agencies, Social Contact Center for BPOs and Social Command Center for Enterprises. We enable businesses to perform Online Reputation Management, Customer Service, Community Management, Social Media Research & Brand Auditing; Online Sales Lead Generation, and Consumer Sentiment Analysis.


Unmetric provides not-so-obvious competitive intelligence on over 10,000 global brands across 30 industry sectors, helping brands and their agencies to comprehend and calibrate their social media efforts, and compete with intelligence and efficiency.

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