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Don’t Miss The 5th Edition Of Cypher: Now Even Bigger & Better

Don’t Miss The 5th Edition Of Cypher: Now Even Bigger & Better

Cypher 2018

Cypher 2018Cypher 2019, now in its fifth edition promises to be even bigger and better. As one of India’s most well-attended analytics summits, Cypher provides a much-needed forum to Data Science leaders and practitioners to absorb the latest industry insights, use cases from influencers and watch how peers are building Data Science teams.  

Cypher, a one-of-a-kind industry event was set up on the premise to offer aspiring data scientists and analytics leaders a space to collaborate, learn and discuss new ideas — most importantly how to elevate the role of analytics and decision sciences in an organisation. Over the years, Cypher has been filling the need for critical industry insights, guiding practitioners on a data science journey and entrenching data science as a core business function.  It has spawned several discussions on themes such as analytics leadership, monetising data and how to build effective data science teams. 


This year, the momentum has grown five times with a line-up of 100+ speakers, 70+ talks and 400+ organisations participating for a three-day interactive event. What’s more, attendees who represent C-suite leadership, analytics practitioners, IT architects and executives can walk away with one core learning — how to level up organisation’s data science practices and plenty of networking opportunities with the industry’s luminaries. There are live Q&A sessions after the talks and keynote, which gives delegates more time to dig deeper. For beginners and startup founders, it is more than just a how-to on understanding where the overall analytics and data science industry is heading. 

Cypher 2018
Delegates at Cypher 2018

Amidst the hype and noise in the analytics industry, Cypher has played a pivotal role in bringing to fore key industry trends and drivers and looked at issues such as data, ethics and the impact of analytics on revenue.  We list down some of the key themes around which we have seen rich dialogues in the last editions. 

Here are some of the key themes around which we have had rich conversations: 

Cypher 2018

Data Science Leadership: Achieving scale has become a primary mandate for enterprises on the path to data science adoption. It is up to the data science leader to manage and accelerate data science capability in an organisation and lead the implementation of products. In all our editions, a common theme has been the role of thought leadership in building highly effective data science practice in organisations. 

Address Customer Needs: Data Science can yield good returns as long as it meets the clients/customers expectations. Our last editions have revealed how to map the real metrics and achieve the return on interest (ROI). 

Building Data Science Teams: A key theme that has resonated in all the editions is rising up to the challenge of building effective teams and how data science leaders need to bring more thought leadership and inspire a data-driven culture to attract and retain the best talent. What’s the best approach to find and retain talent in the industry and nurture specialised roles. Given the interdisciplinary nature of data science, it is important to have more people quantitative backgrounds to join this field. 

Over the last few years, analytics in India has grown exponentially and our flagship summit has been a huge success. From groundbreaking keynotes to workshops, we have seen the number of attendees increase. With interesting speakers who have mastered the art of making businesses scale with analytics and AI, Cypher 2019 promises great insights from leading luminaries. 

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Where: Hotel Radisson Blu, Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru 

When: 18 to 20 September 2019

To know more about Cypher 2019, click here. To attend the summit, click here.

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