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Dos & Don’ts Of Attending plugin 2020

Dos & Don’ts Of Attending plugin 2020

Dos & Don'ts Of Attending plugin 2020

With people working from home, due to the mandated lockdown, companies have transformed their events and conferences to a virtual setting to keep the industry running. In order to join the initiative, Analytics India Magazine has also launched its distinctive virtual conference — plugin — dedicated to the data science industry. With an aim to bring in the best minds of the data science industry, plugin is scheduled on 28-29th of May 2020 and is expecting to host more than 1000+ data science enthusiasts.

However, with this novel concept of the virtual conference in hand, many attendees are still in two minds to invest in attending one. And therefore, in this article, we are going to share a few dos and don’ts of attending a virtual conference, which will help data science enthusiasts in attending and getting the most out of plugin 2020.

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Do have a clear agenda to attend the conference and a willingness to learn: In order to get the most out of plugin, attendees need to treat it like an in-person event where people prioritise their schedule prior to the conference and come in a mindset to learn from the best brains of the industry. At plugin, attendees can attend a wide range of talks running across three parallel tracks, where they will be able to learn about topics like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, etc., and therefore, it is recommended for attendees to grasp as much as possible from plugin to get a competitive edge over the industry.

Don’t forget to keep your devices, equipment and network ready: Considering plugin is going to be hosted online, and in a virtual setting, the only mode of attending is through your computer. Therefore, attendees should keep that ready way prior to the conference, and should also check in their network connection to avoid any technical glitch during the sessions. Along with the computer, also keep the headsets and microphones read, which will be the critical accessories while networking in a virtual setting.

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Do network by using chat rooms: Networking is critical while attending a virtual conference, and therefore, it is advised for attendees to use the platform to network with relevant people. The chatroom feature in plugin allows attendees to network with other attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors during the conference. These chatrooms will provide an in-person experience for attendees where they can have an impromptu chat with people attending and speaking at the event. Attendees can also participate in existing chat rooms with discussions for better understanding or can join in one-on-one talks with business leaders.

Don’t forget to record the sessions: Virtual conferences come with an ability of recording sessions, which can later be utilised by attendees for replaying and better understanding. Therefore, attendees should indeed use this feature to record the sessions which are their favourite or the ones that are complicated to understand. This feature is hugely beneficial for those who wish to learn and can act as an online tutorial for them. At plugin, attendees can not only record the sessions but can also view and download speakers’ presentations, which can also enhance their learning process.

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Do invite your peers for attending sessions with you: With virtual conferences, attendees have opportunities to involve their peers from the industry and can have a group learning session virtually. Such an initiative can not only reinforce learning but also create a strong networking bond among peers. plugin also allows attendees to invite their colleagues and friends who are interested in data science topics and share knowledge and revise concepts that are complex to understand. It is advised that attendees should share their expertise and insights over the platform as much as possible to enhance their growth and development.

Don’t forget to ask questions during live Q&A sessions: Live questions and answers is an excellent way of connecting with speakers, as well as sharing your insights and doubts with them, and therefore, attendees should use this feature to get connected to speakers and panellists after the session ends. plugin also features a live Q&A session after every talk, which will allow attendees to connect with 70+ speakers and can discuss complex topics, share insights, or even leave feedback for improving their sessions. plugin also provides live streaming of the session remotely and on-demand sessions after it ends.

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Do participate in hackathons and contests: Hackathons and competitions have always been a great way to showcase your talent. Similarly, even in virtual conferences, hackathons can play a significant role in highlighting your domain knowledge and skills to business leaders who can be a potential employer. plugin will also host all night machine learning hackathons and various technical contests that will help attendees to portray their skills, and it is crucial for attendees to participate in all the possible ones. Apart from showcasing skills, hackathons and contests are also a great way to network with other participants and the jury members.

Don’t forget to attend the workshops, for hands-on experience: Apart from keynotes, leadership talks and panellist sessions, plugin also hosts several workshops, live demonstrations and training sessions which are designed to provide a hands-on experience for attendees who are willing to learn the application of new-age technologies. These workshops will be hosted by some of the best brains of the industry who will provide a wholesome environment for attendees and will handhold them through the latest machine learning techniques and tools. 

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Do get in touch with sponsors and exhibitors: Attendees are also advised to network with the sponsors of the event as well as the ones who are exhibiting their solutions during the event, as these companies will be the potential employers of the industry. And getting in touch with them via chat rooms as well as meeting rooms will allow attendees to understand the industry better and can create a lasting impression on them, which, in turn, can help them in future job prospects. Also considering the plugin is going to be hosted online, it provides an opportunity for attendees to network with a much global audience and can connect with business leaders beyond boundaries.

Don’t forget to enjoy the conference: Last but not the least, with plugin being hosted virtually it is advised for guests to relax and enjoy the virtual conference from the comfort of their homes. Nothing can be better than learning from the best brains of the industry while hassling through daily traffic or the crowd at the conference. plugin allows data science and AI enthusiasts to learn, network, and participate in a one-of-a-kind online conference from anywhere in the world.

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