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Dozee Offers Free Devices To Track Respiratory Health To Quarantined Bangaloreans

Dozee Offers Free Devices To Track Respiratory Health To Quarantined Bangaloreans

Recently, Dozee Health Monitoring System joined hands with Duroflex Mattresses and announced to offer free devices to track respiratory health and heart rate of the quarantined individuals in Bangalore.

In one of our articles, we discussed how Bangalore-based Dozee’s advanced health intelligence technology identifies the early signs of health deterioration and early intervention saves a great deal of pain as well as the cost to the user. Dozee is a contact-free health monitor that tracks heartbeat, respiration, sleep, and stress-recovery with medical-grade 98.4% accuracy.

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It is the only device that gives continuous respiration data, that too without the need of wires or any technical expertise. Dozee is a device that has a thin sensor sheet that goes below the mattress. of the users. The brand has witnessed 5 requests within 15 minutes of the announcement. 

With the help of this device, doctors can now easily check heart rate, breath rate, stress levels remotely and monitor the health of the patients. The device raises alerts to the users in case of any inconsistency in these vitals.

Those in self-quarantine or with a potential risk can monitor their health on an ongoing basis at home. The reason behind this offering is to help in proactive health monitoring at this crucial hour as vitals can be checked at home, doctors can check their health remotely and possibly flag off health deterioration in advance. The device is available on both & its website.

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