Drone Federation Of India Joins Hands With AWS As Its Preferred Cloud Service

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The Drone Federation of India this week announced its tie-up with Amazon Web Services as its preferred Cloud service. This interesting move was made to boost the development and innovation around creating a perfect drone ecosystem in India.

A news wire reported that DFI, which is a non-profit industry body, will work with AWS to help provide a scalable, agile and secure Cloud infrastructure for drone manufacturers, application developers and operators to develop drone applications and accelerate time-to-market in India.

Rahat Kulshreshtha, President, DFI, told a news wire, “AWS was a natural choice for us which will help drone manufacturers and developers as its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, open data sets and technical prowess are simply unmatched.”

“If we want to see food and medicine deliveries, autonomous aerial transportation, large scale business transformation in mining, roads, and disaster management via drones, we will require the power of cloud computing and strong data-based workflows. We believe this collaboration will help enable stakeholders of the drone ecosystem build solutions for the future,” added Kulshreshtha.

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