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Dunzo Digital & Skye Air To Deliver Vaccines By Drones

Dunzo Digital & Skye Air To Deliver Vaccines By Drones

Dunzo Digital & Skye Air have announced the beginning of vaccine delivery by drones in addition to drone delivery trials of other critical healthcare supplies such as medicines and blood packets. 

The trials will kick off on 20 September in Vikarabad, Telangana and shall continue till 25 September, during which the duo will demonstrate several healthcare logistics-related use cases. 

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“We believe our participation in the ‘Medicines from the Sky’ project will facilitate a more connected state and country. This technology will allow for almost instantaneous access to vaccines and medicines from the most populous to most remote areas in India in the near future.” said Mr Kabeer Biswas, CEO and Founder, Dunzo.

Biswas further added, saying, “As our delivery partners continue to keep our cities safe on ground, we are working round the clock to meet the urgency of demand for essentials.” 

Skye Air, a part of the Dunzo Med Air consortium for the Government of Telangana “Medicines from the Sky” Project, will collaborate with Dunzo Digital to enable faster and efficient healthcare logistics during the 6-days trial. 

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Mr Swapnik Jakkampundi, Co-founder, Skye Air, said, “We have had a successful Telangana trial run so far. Dunzo Med Air consortium will have multiple test use cases, including extended and reverse logistics in Vikarabad. These will be BVLOS trials which will continue over the next six days. The drones will deliver up to 12 km within an expected time frame of 18 minutes, with each drone carrying vaccines in temperature-controlled boxes powered by Bagmo. We are happy to share the vision of Dunzo towards enabling deliveries via drones.”

Dunzo Digital is a hyper-local on-demand delivery service company based out of Bengaluru, backed by Google. The drone delivery tech firm Skye Air, which focuses on an end-to-end ecosystem for drone-based logistics, will be conducting this as a part of the Dunzo Med Air consortium led by the hyper-local giant Dunzo Digital. Skye Air further indicated that they would be conducting around 50 flights, all delivering vaccines.  

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