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DXC Forays Into Recruiting From Colleges: Will Hire 5000 Graduates In India

DXC Forays Into Recruiting From Colleges: Will Hire 5000 Graduates In India

Rohit Yadav

DXC, a leading service provider, has planned to hire 5000 graduates from Indian colleges in 2020. The multinational company will be looking for talents, especially in the field of analytics and software skills. The company rides on the proficiency of its efficient 40000 employees and a global headcount of 138,000. 

Founded in 2017, DXC Technology was quick enough to get off the ground in providing analytics, cloud, security, IoT, digital foundation services. And not just in India, the company’s offering is well received across Asia, Australia, and Europian continent. 

Earlier, the company was not active in hiring from colleges, however, now they have devised a plan to attract talents from premier institutions. This sudden change in strategy can be linked to the reform in management in September; DXC made Mike Salvino as its CEO. “We want to concentrate more on our people and strengthen our employee value proposition. Our employees are expected to be clear about their career path at DXC, the opportunities to work with new clients and also the opportunities for reskilling and retraining,” said the CEO on 11 November.

Apart from hiring graduates who are proficient in analytics, it is believed that the firm will also include students from different technologies to cater to its diverse clients. Optimising its services to orchestrate across its client is of paramount importance for the firm. Consequently, a wide range of specialist will help them to provide superior services for 6000 private and public-sector clients in 70 countries. 

Since its inception, DXC Technology has made profits, but of late, the company has reported a shink in the revenue from $5.01 billion to $4.8. Recent loss in profits might have slackened the progress, but now the company will look to gain momentum with the help of fresh graduates.

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