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Emergence Of The Cloud-Based Contact Center-As-A-Service Industry In India

Emergence Of The Cloud-Based Contact Center-As-A-Service Industry In India

Harshajit Sarmah

With the rise of the ever-demanding marketplace of multi-generational customers, today, cloud-based platforms have transformed significantly. And there is no denying that these platforms are becoming compelling for many companies across the world.

Cloud-based contact centre as a service (CCaaS) is one such technology that has gained a lot of traction in recent time. CCaaS is a call centre software that is hosted in the cloud instead of hosted on-premises, offering advantages such as flexibility and scalability, improving the overall customer experience, as well as being an economically smart choice.

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Talking about the cloud industry in India, it has crossed a barrier in the nation — from being a new untested technology, it is now one of the preferred choices of deployment for enterprises.

Headquartered in Hyderabad and Singapore, Ozonetel is a 10-year-old, bootstrapped startup that has several industry firsts to its credit in the area of Cloud Communication. With a platform, KOOKOO that serves companies like FoodPanda, Bigbasket, etc., Ozonetel today, creates and deploys cloud solutions globally. The company has over 1,000 enterprise clients across US, India, and UAE, and its platform supports over 50,000 live agents and has handled over 3 billion calls.


“When we started Ozonetel, the goal was to enable a platform for developers to easily build telephony solutions,” said Chaitanya Chokareddy, Chief Innovation Officer, Ozonetel.

“Our next avatar was to provide easy to use products like cloud contact centre and cloud PBX built on top of our platform. Currently, our focus is on using AI/ML to improve communication experiences in our products.”

Marking Its Territory In The CCaaS Space

Ozonetel’s proprietary product KOOKOO is India’s first and only cloud telephony platform, allowing developers to easily build telephony applications. Its applications can range from missed call apps, number masking etc. to complex apps such as call centres and PBX solutions. The power of KOOKOO comes from Ozonetel’s homegrown stack.

At the bottom layer, it has its PRI cards and next, it has the telephony stack which handles the telephony events. Above all of that, it is KOOKOO which is an abstraction for developers. “So, the developers only interact with KOOKOO without having to worry about arcane telephony protocols,” said Chaitanya.

Talking about the other technology side of Ozonetel, the company has C programming at the lowest layers with the telecom stack having C and Perl. When it comes to the application layer, Ozonetel uses Python and PHP. The cloud contact centre solution of Ozonetel is Java-based with all its servers running Linux. Also, the database needs are fulfilled by MySQL.

Today, 58% of Ozonetel’s revenue comes from KOOKOO CloudAgent, offering an entire gamut of multi-channel (voice, SMS, email, chat, etc.) functionalities and analytics.

Furthermore, Ozonetel is also launching a Large Enterprise version of KOOKOO CloudAgent. The company believes that with this software,  an enterprise can instantly have over 1000+ cloud-based Contact Center Seats. And as of now, there is no other software in the market that supports over 100 seats on the Cloud.

That is not all, the company has recently launched one more product, KOOKOO Interactive Assistant, which is a Unique Omnichannel Widget that combines Voice and Chat. This widget works with KOOKOO CloudAgent software and enables Contact Center agents to run chat sessions and voice calls parallelly with the customers who are calling in.

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What Makes Ozonetel Better Than Its Competitors

When asked about Ozonetel’s approach towards gaining customer trust, Chaitanya told, “we have fanatical regard for customers and that is now built into the DNA of the company. Customer happiness is paramount and everything else comes later.”

At Ozonetel, there is something called ‘engineering driven customer satisfaction’ and it is about solving customer problems by engineering the right solution. The company believes that customers just want the product to work and solve their problem and, in most cases, Ozonetel finds an engineering solution for that.

Talking about the competitions in the market, Chaitanya said, “on the platform side, we do not have any competition in India.” However, Twilio is a competition in the US, Singapore and other geographies. When it comes to cloud contact centre side, Avaya, Genesys, and Dhrishti are some of the competitors of Ozonetel in India.

When asked about having an edge over its competitors, Chaitanya said, “Our focus on product is what makes our company different and better. Our product portfolio is the best in the cloud contact centre market and our experience in providing solutions across 20 verticals. Also, in our new avatar, we hope our AI engine will provide us with more clear advantages over our competitors.

Roadmap Ahead

Looking into the future, Chaitanya revealed that the future of Ozonetel is AI and new communication tools that the coming is coming out with. Also, Ozonetel is planning on disrupting the cloud communication space with is KOOKOO Interactive Assistant widget and the bot platform powered by its contact centre AI.

“The current contact centre models are outdated, and we at Ozonetel hope to disrupt the space with our new product offerings in the coming year,” Chaitanya concluded.

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